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Collected Short Stories by

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Styx & Stones

New, never-before published K/S Short Stories


(100 pages)


One Foot In Paradise

    Trembling inwardly, Spock stared at the human’s back.  Then, without thinking, he looked down at the glass he still held in his hand and suddenly hurled it against the far wall, watching as it shattered into a thousand slow-motion fragments like the pieces of his heart.

    “Yes!” he snarled, clamoring to his feet and meeting the fear-widened human eyes.  “I love you, Jim!  But I do not believe it can be enough!  Others have loved you, and you nave turned away from them – as you turned away from me just now.  Love is not enough!”

    For a single instant, Kirk thought he would pass out on the spot, melt to liquid and spread himself on the floor.  Before him stood a raving lunatic who also happened to be a Vulcan, who also happened to have just said the one thing which would make it enough…



    “Did you know, Spock, that back on Earth – and probably on a few other planets as well – there are stories being written about us” Kirk mused.

    “I do not find that surprising, Jim,” Spock offered.  “The ENTERPRISE’s missions are of historical importance.  It is logical that they be documented for future generations.”

    Kirk frowned.  “That’s not what I mean, Spock,” he clarified.  “I’m not talking about historians or scholars.  I’m talking about fiction.”


Stxy & Stones

    The wings, Spock recalled, had mysteriously grown from his back when he had felt a need for aeriel surveying of his new world.  It had begun with what he’d thought a skin irritation of some sort; and, unable to see himself in any type of reflective surface, he had not understood what was happening until the transformation was complete.

    And yet… Jim was lost  Even the wings of a guardian could not shielded him from whatever dreams he was living in the darkest regions of his unconscious mind.

    There was one other Spock had learned to do and, dropping his head into his hands, the pale soft wings trembling as his shoulders heaved, he began to weep.



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Psychic Storm

A reprint zine featuring

The Best of Alexis Fegan Black


(120 pages)


Psychic Storm

    With a delegation of forty two Vulcan scientists on board, life on the ENTERPRISE wasn’t unlike life in Hell to Kirk’s way of thinking.  Every smile was met with disdain.  Every statement was greeted with analytical coldness.  Every display of courtesy was greeted with expectation rather than returned courtesy.   Even Spock had been more uptight and aloof than ever.  Perhaps, Kirk considered, the pole had been driven another inch deeper from the strain of having to be the Vulcan’s Vulcan for the past seven days.  He winced at the image.  It wasn’t Spock’s fault.


Fire Dare

    Spock was dubious.  “If you are referring to the possibility of a union with Nurse Chapel,” he said, lips forming a wistful smile, “please understand that, while I respect her as a nurse and as a member of this crew, I could not envision her as a life mate.”

    Kirk held his breath, not breaking eye contact.  “I wasn’t thinking about Christine, Spock,” he said, trembling.


Dead Letter

    I should point out that it was a common rumor that our captain and first officer were lovers.  Yet it was one of those rumors which, one day, would seem perfectly sound, then the next day it would seem an impossible scenario.  I’d been with the ENTERPRISE long enough to know that Kirk was something of a womanizer.  And Spock had more than his share of silent admirers as well.  When they walked down the corridors together, it was a toss-up as to who was watching which of them…


Portrait of Freedom

    Vulcans were cold, calculating, cruel beings.  They kept slaves, after all.  They ahd steadfastly refused negotiations with the Federation, yet through clever manipulations of the legal system, they nonetheless managed to get clearance to use Federation trading posts, space ports and fueling facilities.  They were predators, Jim recalled.

    And he, apparently, was the prey…



    Since he and Kirk had bonded almost ten months in the past, their relationship had strengthened into a comfortable routine, Spock thought.  Or was it strength? he questioned.  Was it strength that enabled them to lead their relatively separate lives while on duty, then join those lives back together again when A-Shift ended?  Was it strength?  Or was it doldrums…?



    I’m afraid of coffee in the morning, Spock!  I’m afraid of growing old and watching my hair turn gray in the mirror.  I’m afraid of watching you grow old and I’m afraid of all the darkness out there, and I’m afraid of being afraid of being afraid.  Yes, that most of all.  I’m afraid of being afraid of you!  But I want to be.  Gods, what you’re doing to me standing there like that.  Did you know I liked your old uniform better?  I could always tell where we were going by the direction your pants pointed when he left the bridge.  Is this madness?  Is this what it feels like to be insane?


ALSO: Questions, Talismans In The Night, Extra Oil, Light Butter and a few poems!

COVER by Merle Decker



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Unholy Alliances

& Other Reprinted K/S Stories by

Alexis Fegan Black


(144 pages)


Night Of Mastery (Sequel to Year Of The Ram by A.F. Black – also available from Mkashef Enterprises)

    “Sinta,” Spock said almost to himself, almost an accusation.  His vision blurred.  Reality struck him like a hammer.  Fire and ice fought a war in his mind, with Kirk being the victor’s spoils.  The ice gained a stronghold.  The fire stormed, gathering strength.

    Then, without further ceremony, Spock passed out cold.


Things That Go Bump In The Night

    Kirk wondered how much the Vulcan had had to drink to lower his normal inhibitions.  He was just thankful for the applause and whistling and howling that came from the sidelines.  At the very least, his trembling wouldn’t be noticed amidst the roar.

    “Spock… er… don’t you think…?”

    “Silence, human!” the Vulcan warned, his hand coming to rest dangerously on Kirk’s neck…


Unholy Alliances

    “It would serve your interests to comprehend the nature of things before you inadvertently cut your own throat, James,” Spock warned.  “I have served aboard a starship for thirteen years, and though I have seen many men of your nature, none have intimidated me.  You shall not be the first.”

    Kirk blinked, staring at the hand which constricted on his arm.  “What position?”

    Spock held the fiery glare.  “Science Officer aboard the ISS ENTERPRISE.”



    Kirk fought the urge to melt.  There was something terribly sentimental about placing an object of jewelry on a mate, something that spoke of forever and longer than always.  He took the out-held bracelet in one hand, the Vulcan’s palm in the other   “I think I’m under your spell, Mister Spock,” he said.

    He had no recollection of falling head-long into the void of mystical stars that glittered like diamonds in the night…


Those Who Command

    Kirk’s eyes narrowed as he released a breath of indignation.  “From what I’ve heard about you, I like you, McCoy.  Let’s not screw that up right off the bat,” he stated flatly.  “But as I’m sure both you and Mr. Spock are aware, I didn’t get to be captain of this ship by nepotism.  I’m well aware of where the first officer’s quarters are located, and I will see him in my own good time.  Now if you’ll excuse me?”  He tried to shoulder his way past the other man.

    The last thing he remembered as the hiss of a hypo, then darkness encroaching just before he collided with the cold, metal deck of his mistress.  I wasn’t exactly how he’d envisioned taking command of the ENTERPRISE…


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Speed of Light

& Other Reprinted K/S Stories By

Alexis Fegan Black


(227 pages)


The First Level of Hell

    “Why would you want to help me?” Kirk inquired.

    Mephisto’s smile widened.  His black eyes sparkled.  “Let us simply say that I understand what you need, what you were feeling when you came into this bar.  And, of course, there is a price…”  He looked very much like the legendary devil…


Tight Spaces

    Bat wings flittered nearby, but were, in reality, only the patter-slamming of his own heart.  Cobwebs brushed Kirk’s face and neck and a spider-light touch caressed his cheek.  His rational, adult mind told him it was only Spock’s hand.  But his childhood memories conjured images of mutated tarantulas and three-legged rats who had escaped the mouse-trap and now sought revenge.  The walls of the earthen tunnel started moving toward him…


One Wings of Ice

    Curled against my side like an animal huddled to its litter mates, Jim was strangely vulnerable, child-like.  His question awakened my protective nature.  I wanted to hold him like that forever – until we died – and after.  It would be a ‘hell of a tale’ for two dead men to tell…


To Protect And Serve

    When Spock awoke the next morning, the Fever was gone.  And so was Kirk.

    His prediction had been correct: their friendship had been short-lived…


Speed of Light

    Worse than his sudden irrational jealousy of Spock, Kirk found himself even more envious of Erin.  Spock obviously did care for her, hadn’t employed lies or pulled punches.  He had the courage and the confidence to tell her the truth – something most Starfleet personnel on shore leave rarely did.  He would never see her again.  Time and space and the universe wouldn’t permit it.

    It had to hurt.  And suddenly, Kirk knew his first officer needed more than the speed of light could ever allow…


Years Ago And Forever

    Kirk sighed, feeling just a twinge of the old familiarity between them.  “Our past is what we are, Spock,” he explained, trying to see beyond the Genesis eyes.  “And… well… you’ve a very important part of my past.  And if you’ll believe me… I was a very important part of yours…”


Rain Dance

    Spock felt irrationally, impossibly, wonderfully human, playing like an errant child in the cold winter rain in the barren heart of the desert.  It was wrong.  Water was precious, not to be played with.  Yet the very wrongness of his behavior furled his lust for survival, causing his back to arch with his movements, causing his breath to come in long, deep sighs…


War Games (A “Mirror” tale of personal combat.)

    Spock had killed for him.  Not to protect him and not out of loyalty, but out of possessive, dangerous jealousy.

    And there was something in that realization which brought a vaguely sinister smile to the human’s lips.  Spock had killed for him.  More than once.  And he had killed for the Vulcan…


ALSO The Gol Letters, Someone To Watch Over Thee, Yin And Yang, Trick Or Treat plus a few poems.



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A sci-fi novel of love, honor & sacrifice
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  Unearthly by Wendy Rathbone
(A collection of award-winning poetry - dark fantasy, vampire, horror)
Daring Attempt
K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten
  Prince of Umberlight - New & Hot!
by Alexis Fegan Black

A hot erotic male/male vampire tale with a wee bit of bdsm and just enough non-con to keep it interesting.

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