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Publication date: 1979
80 pgs.  Novella-length sequel to Though This Be Madness (Naked Times #2).


   Spock dragged himself back to consciousness some time after the meld, ignoring the stabbing pain in his head.  He knew now why Tybereus had seemed so distant, so strange, so completely like his own Jim.  Although his initial reaction was to find his own Kirk immediately, he knew he dared not leave Tybereus alone now.  Some inner knowledge told Spock that the Dark One wouldn’t harm Jim… and he could only hope there wouldn’t be a similar incident as had happened once before – on that blessed/frightful night when he and Kirk had become lovers as well as brothers.  Then another thought struck him.  The waves of passion he’d sensed the night before must have been bleeding over through the bond – his own bond with Jim.  Conclusion, inescapable and horrifying: Jim had been with Lucifer.  Instantly, Spock dragged himself awake, biting his lip to keep himself from crying out at that knowledge.  He had never before realized that he was capable of jealousy… or of feeling such hurt which permeated every cell.

   He was forced back to the immediate problem as Tybereus began to stir.  But the human didn’t awaken instantly.  Forcing his eyes to focus, Spock gazed down at the unconscious man in his arms, forcing a twinge of unbidden sorrow he felt for his own Dark twin.  It seemed unfair in a way; simply because they had been destined to be born in opposite universes, it meant the painful difference between happiness and loneliness.  Though he knew Lucifer had learned to ask for nothing more of his Kirk than what was offered, he couldn’t help feeling as if there had to be some alternative for his counterpart.  He wanted, in some illogical way, to feel anger toward Lucifer for taking Kirk again… yet he couldn’t seem to maintain it.  Like it or not, Lucifer was Spock… in another world, another time.  And he wanted that part of himself to be… fulfilled… complete as he was complete with Kirk.

   What Spock had encountered in Tybereus’ mind made him shudder.  The man was a completely functional paradox – a well of illogic and confusion which all meshed together to make him the man he was: to make him powerful, sometimes even invincible, it seemed.  He shivered at the memories Tybereus had of his relationship with Lucifer; the human was merely taking advantage of a convenient situation… using his body to gain another ally aboard the ship.  Which was, Spock reasoned, why Tybereus had constantly refused to meld.  People were merely tools to be used by this animal… and once used up, to be discarded as mechanically as one would replace a fractured dilithium crystal…


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Publication date: 1986
127 pgs. 

   Truth stared Kirk in the face.

   But I can’t… I can’t just take advantage of the fact that he doesn’t remember me, dammit! Kirk argued fervently.  I can’t play the role of his master, he thought, mentally choking on the word.  Even if I wanted to, it would mean losing him forever…

   But the Truth was quick to counter.  And if he doesn’t recover, then he’ll still have his… dignity… and I’ll still have his friendship.  It was a weak argument even to his own ears.

   The Truth agreed.  You’ll have nothing, it reminded him.

   I’d rather have nothing than to have him on… on dishonest terms!  He wouldn’t accept that and neither will I!

   Truth laughed, shaking an admonishing finger at him.  That’s your problem, Kirk, it stabbed without mercy.  It’s always been an ‘all or nothing’ bargain with you, hasn’t it?  You want the whole jar of candy or none at all.  You’re spoiled, selfish and too noble for your own damned good or anyone else’s!  It’s up to you, old friend.

   Kirk found himself trembling.  Why is it always up to me? he asked of no one in particular.

   You’re the captain, the Truth-demon reminded him sarcastically.  That was another of those ‘all or nothing’ bargains you struck with the universe, remember?

   Kirk bit his lower lip until it was painful.  Not now, his mind pleaded with his nasty conscious.  I…  I don’t even know what I’m feeling…

   The Truth in his mind sighed disbelievingly.  In case you’ve never labeled it, Kirk, it’s called love...


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Publication date: 1985
142 pgs.  

 The highly acclaimed K/S novel by AF Black of what could occur should James Kirk and Spock be called on to bring the Enterprise into Earth's past.  It begins as a mission of historical research into Old Earth's development of psychotronic weapons during the 1960's.  But the mission quickly goes awry, leaving K & S at the mercy of the U.S. Government -- where they learn that they are not the first "aliens" to "visit" this world.  Nor are they the first to experience the fate of life suspension -- a process which creates a prison with no bars, and perhaps a world which only the mind's eye can perceive.


Time did not pass

    Rather, Spock decided, he passed through it, weaving it around him like a blanket of invisible filaments.  It was an entity.  Alive.  Sentient.  And ultimately patient.  He realized with a pang of loneliness that Jim was not yet with him; and upon stretching out the tendrils of his mind, he confirmed that the human was still very much "asleep", drawn into the tight womb of the chamber's void.  But Time, his new friend, whispered that she would take find care of her human prize.

    For a moment which might have spanned several years, Spock dwelled in that loneliness, letting the sensation close over him, reminding him of what he had lost.  But with that reminder, came a renewed determination which was, he decided, illogical under his present circumstances.  Some always-Vulcan segment of his mind informed him with questionable accuracy that his body had been in the sleeper unit for nearly three months; and another probe into more realistic matters confirmed that his own body, though there was no sensation connected to it, still lived… at least in some definition of the word.

    For a very long while, he was content to float, relying on past memories to occupy his mind, to keep him from drifting back toward the eerie invitation to sleep.  With a scientist's curiosity, he pondered the peculiar sensation of Existence.  It, too, was an entity.  It simply was -- without form or substance, without the five senses upon which he had relied in the past.  It was flame without fuel.  Light without source.  Spirit without temple.  It was, he understood with utter simplicity, the essence of self, the culmination of all realities existing outside physical sensation.

    He pondered that at length.  And when Time tapped him gently on the shoulder, it was a full month later…


It has been said by some that STAR TREK itself is a "glimpse into the future".  Perhaps that statement is more valid than some believe… and perhaps that "future" is with us now.


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Publication date: 1986
132 pgs.

THE FIFTH HOUR OF NIGHT is the first sequel to DREAMS OF THE SLEEPERS and picks up immediately where DOTS left off.  THE FIFTH HOUR OF NIGHT is also the second part in what will be a trilogy of novels. 


   The storm crept onto land in the afternoon, its high winds plucking at loose autumn leaves of sycamores.  Rain pelted dry brush, sending rats and long-legged black spiders scurrying for underground burrows.  A whisper of thunder murmured its laughter as skeletal lightning teased along power lines, plunging cozy homes and fast food emporiums into darkness.

   In the midst of it all, the Futura Technics complex remained unscathed, a seemingly dormant blotch on an otherwise unmarred hillside.  Time did not touch it, did not reach her demanding fingers deep into the underground facility where sleepers dreamed of freedom and cold tunnels twined around the eerie establishment like serpents guarding a sacred tomb.

   Spock was aware of Kirk at his shoulder, of the warm and silent figure which represented his last remaining hope.  With an effort, he chased the melancholy away, turning instead to face his companion.

   Kirk smiled faintly, reaching to touch the Vulcan on one arm as his eyes scanned the eastern horizon, watching the storm which was as much a part of him as it was around him.  "You okay, Spock?" he asked.

   For along time, Spock did not reply.  He had no answer.  Part of him wanted to crush the human to him, disappear into some fantasy where time and memory could not touch them.  "I am… distracted by the storm," he murmured, not knowing if the distraction was from the rain on slick-paned windows, or from the fire which burned within...


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Publication date: 1987

154 pgs. Concluding novel in the Dreams of the Sleepers trilogy. After the Eugenics Wars, K&S encounter a band of survivors who are willing to help them effect escape, but nothing is as it seems. Winner of 1987 Surak for Best Novel. 


    Kirk continued his walk briskly, coming up over a rise which looked down on a familiar, peaceful valley.  There, in the bottom, was the sycamore tree and all its memories; and if he looked close enough, he could see reflections of his own ghost frolicking there, teasing an unreal Spock's long hair, resting high in the limbs of that tree on some sunny afternoon.

    //Ghosts of what we've done, Spock,// he thought fondly, sadly.  //Reflections of wasted years and unwanted immortality…//

    He stood there for a very long time, gazing down into the misty valley, allowing his mind to wander over the times he'd made love with Spock under the sycamore, the times they'd talked long into the dark evening until the moon had grown full and the voices of coyotes had raised in lonely song.  He thought again of Gene, of the changes that haunted prophet had made in Earth's history.

    And he thought again of the changes yet to come.

    Intuition hammered him with the certain knowledge that his journey to Earth's past would have significance, that his spirit would leave its mark on the face of this planet which would one day be his home.  He would leave behind him -- and before him -- the essence of all that he was, the core of his very being.

    He had come to this lonely place to leave a part of himself, to plant the seeds which would one day be nurtured to become  his own future.

    It was the reason he had existed in Rigellian suspension for over thirty years, the reason he had walked the green Earth as some psychic influence over millions, as some unreachable role model to those who dreamed of stardust and the speed of light…


    Spock allowed a faint smile to touch his lips.  "What matters is that we will be free, Jim," he promised.  Then, lapsing terribly from logic, he added: "And considering your determination and your abilities, I have no doubt that we will construct a bridge back to the stars if necessary."

    For a moment, Kirk couldn't breathe as the full force of Spock's love overwhelmed him.  Without words, he joined the Vulcan on the tattered mattress where they had spent the night.  Silently, he leaned against his companion, resting  his head on the warm blue-clad shoulder.  Whatever happened, he told himself, they would be together.  Life or death.  Resurrection to the heavens or an eternity suspended in hell.

    Kirk snuggled closer.  Together they'd fought at Hell's symbolic gate more times than he could count.  Now, he told himself, it was time to storm those gates and banish all the demons.  Suddenly, he felt strong again…


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Publication date: 1994

When Kirk and Spock are sent into the Romulan Empire to steal a long-range transporter prototype, nothing is as it seems.  Kirk’s memories have been erased to protect his cover, and Spock finds himself falling deeper and deeper into the dangerous role he’s been called on to play – the role of the arrogant, sensuous Romulan, Prince Sa’din.


   If there were eyes on him, Spock didn’t feel them.  If there were witnesses let it be so, for he understood now that he would love his golden human forever.  He understood that he had no alternative in the matter, which had surely been sealed by the fates long before either of them were born.  Perhaps, he thought, what few witnesses remained conscious might even learn something, or even come to understand that the darkest wars were those fought in the terrain of the soul.

   His mind spun, his body under another control.  For a few stolen seconds, he merely gazed down at the human, at the powerful hands holding tight to the edges of the cushion, and the mane of curls that fell across Kirk’s back and disappeared beneath the shadow of the prince’s robe.  The Spock-prince marveled at the expression of unbridled ecstasy on the shaded face, feeling honored, unworthy, blessed.  And terrified…


   There was no longer any reason to play to unseen cameras, no logical excuse for the continued deception of the man he loved more than life.  Not even the guards undoubtedly monitoring their every move would find it odd if the prince simply disengaged himself from the human’s embrace and strode off to bed.  No, not a single soul would find it strange –

   “Don’t say anything,” Zhames whispered, a gentle despair in his voice.  “You don’t have to say anything.  Just let me make you happy, my lord.”

   Neither Spock nor the prince-within-him could say anything.  Logically – by all moral rights – he should find an excuse to put an end to this madness.  But his arms tightened, tried to let go, then tightened again.

   His mouth opened, but no words came out; and when the human looked up at him, shaking his head in negation of Spock’s unspoken protest, the Vulcan was once again reminded that he couldn’t go against this man’s wishes even when they were so clearly wrong, so potentially disastrous.

   “It’s all right,” Zhames soothed as if reading his thoughts.  “Don’t think so much.”

   Always in command – even when he doesn’t know it, the Vulcan thought dizzily.

   And so he was lost.


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Publication date: 1991

After returning from Earth's past and the Enterprise's involvement with Captain John Christopher, Kirk is plagued by a lingering sense of dread, telling himself that what they did to the Terran captain was wrong. 

   A tale of mystery, intrigue, suspense and love - a tale involving strange visitors who have been coming to Earth for centuries and how the UFO mystery may reach well into the 23rd century!  Truly a novel in that the intricate plot will keep you turning the pages while the unfolding love story draws you in.  150 pages, dual-columns, dense text, approximately 83,000 words.


   Spock's gaze remained steady.  "It is possible you were so deeply affected by Christopher because you empathize with him on a subconscious level which even you are incapable of understanding at this time, Jim," he stated.  "In simpler terms, you unconsciously viewed him as the victim and placed yourself in the role of interloper.  As a result of this inner conflict, memories you have held suppressed for years are attempting to surface - thus the dreams and the disturbing thoughts you have mentioned."

   Regardless of the heat of the water still pelting across Kirk's back as he stood in the open shower door, cold chills passed down his spine.  Spock's words held a peculiar ring of truth - a ring of truth so profound he momentarily forgot he was stark naked and soaking wet…


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Publication date: 1988
230 pgs.

Surak Award Winner!


Very long novel dealing w/ Spock's 20-year deception, Kirk's resignation from Starfleet & his subsequent involvement with a "human" Spock from another realm. Twists & turns, treachery & triumph as only A.F. Black can deliver!

Meet a Spock who has left Starfleet, presumably forever, and a Kirk who has resigned his position due to high-level treachery within Starfleet Command and the Federation High Council.  Separated, each must learn to cope with his new life until, inevitably, they meet again in a volatile confrontation that threatens to tear them both apart.  During Spock’s absence from Kirk’s life, the human has found someone else – someone who, in another reality, is Spock… or might have been…


   "I can’t decide if you’re crazy or just stupid!” the pseudo-Vulcan said, taking Kirk by the shoulders once more and shaking him violently.  Then, leaning closer until their faces were less than an inch apart, he asked in a whisper, “Do you really want to die, James?  Is that it?  Because if it is, you don’t have to run around looking for someone to kill you.  If you really want to die, just say so.  I could break your neck right now and save you the trouble of trying to get yourself killed in the street!”

   Kirk’s eyes flared.  Go ahead, his mind taunted.  You can’t kill a dead man again…  He looked up into the menacing glare, understanding for the first time that the madman was serious.  He paled noticeably, coming to grips with the truth.

   He did want to die...


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Publication date: 1990
104 pgs.

Four short stories woven together to form a novel.  OASIS is strictly for fun!  In this novel you will not find a shy, inexperienced, emotionally crippled Spock.  Nor will you find a Kirk who is afraid of his feelings, or who wrings his hands at the mere thought of admitting those feelings to Spock.  What you will find is a situation wherin two emotionally and sexually competent men come together to share their love. 

          For nearly half an hour, they frolicked together in the creek, playing tag and splashing one another with merciless precision.  It occurred to Jim that it was the most real fun he had ever had - certainly in recent memory.  And at the very least, it distracted his mind from thoughts of leaving.  He was content to chase Spock in their underwater games and to be chased in return.  He was also content to wrestle with the Vulcan when he occasionally found himself cornered by a natural bend in the creek.

          Spock wanted to play.  Kirk suspected he could give the Vulcan a run for his money - and when he really stopped to think about it, it dawned on him that he had often considered suggesting some type of more binding alliance himself.

Now, if he understood the Vulcan correctly, that decision had been taken out of his hands while he slept.  It wasn't such an awful prospect.  Not really.  And after so many recent assassination attempts, he had to admit that having Spock on his side - and in his bed - would serve to deter most would-be back-stabbers.  Not even that nit-wit Chekov would be dumb enough to threaten a Vulcan's mate…

    "In answer to your question," the human said with an almost wistful smile, "I'm not the same guy who bought you from that market.  He's a friend of mine who seemed to think I needed a… birthday present."

    Spock said nothing.  No question had been asked and he was therefore not required to speak.  He held his silence, not looking away despite every wish to do so.  Yet Kirk was beautiful…

   Kirk smiled warmly, then proceeded into the adjoining room.  Decorated in stark black, red and gold, it was almost as striking as its Vulcan occupant.  On one side of the room, a massive window opened onto the lushly-planted balcony, where a large waterfall complete with boulders was located.  Since the suite was located on the top floor of the hotel - an island unto itself - there would be little chance of prying eyes...


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Publication date: 1990
120 pgs.

After a routine landing party turns to disaster and Dusk Blackcrow – a young science department officer under Spock’s charge – is killed, the Vulcan has his eyes opened to many new realizations.  Nothing is permanent.  No place is home.  Death is the only absolute.


   “Jim,” Spock said fervently, “you must understand that the events which transpired on Sirius VII did touch me – perhaps more than anything else ever has.  And I know now that life without feeling is no different than life lived in constant pain.  The absence of color is blackness.  The absence of feeling is no different.  Vulcan is wrong.  A thousand years ago, perhaps it was necessary to let go of feeling in order for my world to survive.  But now,” he insisted, “now it is wrong.  Certainly it is wrong for me – for as you have pointed out, I am no longer Vulcan.  Home does not exist for me any longer, Jim.  Don’t you see?  When I came here, when I gave up my father’s house and came aboard the ENTERPRISE, I renounced through my actions all things Vulcan.  Is it so strange that I now renounce the emptiness which so many years of living as a Vulcan has created?”

   Kirk blinked, dizzy and confused and utterly terrified.  “You scare me, Spock,” he said before he realized what words were going to come from his lips…


   “What do you mean Spock’s not coming with us?” McCoy yammered, following close on Kirk’s heels.  “What the hell happened out there, Jim?”

   Not in the mood for long-winded explanations, Kirk cut it to the bare bones.  “What happened out there, Doctor, is that our once-logical Vulcan first officer has turned into a beatnik!  Seems he can’t live with the possibility that I might manage to get myself killed at some distant point in the future, so he’s gone off to find himself with the Indians!”

   McCoy grimaced.  “I didn’t know he was lost.”

   “Lost?” Kirk repeated, incredulous.  “Oh, he’s lost all right, Doctor.  He’s so damn lost that he couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a map!”


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Publication date: 1991
107 pgs.


“You are drugged,” Spock commented, disgusted by Orion methods.  “Look at me.”

   The human did as he was told, though with obvious reluctance and a trace of very real defiance.

   “What is your name, little one?” the warlord asked, unable to ignore the compassion as it welled through him.  In physical contact with the human, he couldn’t help picking up the strains of fear and humiliation.  “No harm will come to you,” he reassured.  “Now – what is your name?”

   As the silence thickened, Spock wondered if the other man had lost his ability to speak.  Then, drawing a deep breath, the human’s green-gold eyes hardened.

   “You mean no harm will come to me if I’m good under the furs, don’t you?” he asked.

   Spock’s brows lifted.  Never, in all his carousing of the brothels, had he encountered such a truculent human slave.  Yet, somehow, he found it intriguing rather than insulting…


   Here in the winter camp, the sun is going down on our final night as warriors, and tomorrow we must return to ShiKahr, just as the two of you must now return home as well.  I hope these words have allowed us, for just a moment, to exist in the same space and time.  As I sit here by the fire, you undoubtedly sit where those embers have long since turned to dust.  Now we are brothers of the eternal flame.  If you feel a warmth upon your cheek, Spock, it is my kiss.  If you hear laughter from a long-since-forgotten shelter, it is just the echo of our love.  Do not be afraid – least of all of one another…

   James T. Kirk


WARLORDS... one of the most erotic and chilling K/S novels of all time.


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Publication date: 1991
104 pgs.

What if it had taken 3 days for Kirk to return from the mirror universe instead of 3 hours? A K/S mirror universe crossover novel for those who like it kinda kinky.

   Kirk perused Spock pointedly.  “You brought me here because you’re curious – about me, about your counterpart, about yourself.  The sad thing is that you’re too damned civilized to admit it.”  The word was a hiss of contempt.  “You’re so afraid of letting down those guards of yours that you’d rather spend the rest of eternity with just your fantasies and your own right hand.”  He frowned quizzically.  “You are right handed, aren’t you?”  But he didn’t wait for an answer, just gestured his own words aside and plowed ahead.  “You’re so afraid of feeling something – or afraid of admitting it – that you’re determined to make me force you into it, aren’t you?  You’re so arrogant and proper that I’m going to have to – ”

   “Stop!” Spock fairly shouted.  “You will stop this, Captain, or I shall see to it that you are taken away to Sickbay, sedated and in restraints!”


   “Submission is an art, James,” he bearded Vulcan whispered, “and dominance is a game best played in the dark.”

   Kirk bristled.  “You’re out of your mind, Spock.”  He’d lost track of how many times he’d made that observation already.

   The Vulcan ignored him.  “After you realize – if you are indeed, capable of accepting the realization – that your strength does not lie solely in your masculine identity, you will discover a power within surrender which will make you invincible.”

   Kirk’s face heated.  Abruptly, he headed toward the door.  “I’ll be in my quarters until the transporter’s repaired, Spock,” he snapped.  “That’s all there is to it.  This isn’t who I am – this isn’t who I want to be.”

   Spock didn’t move.  “You will never make it to the door, James,” he stated, dark eyes glittering with amusement.  “But if you wish to try, please do.”


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Publication date: 1993
112 pgs. 

After a Neurtral Zone confrontation ends with a hundred dead Romulans and twelve casualties on the Enterprise, Kirk receives death threats which result in Starfleet sending him into hiding while the bureaucracy sorts through the mess.  On Vulcan, he has little to do other than talk to Spock, and there the two of them confront their feelings as well as the mysterious past of the Vulcan world.


   "Hairy palms?" Spock echoed, clearly amused.

   Kirk grimaced.  He just couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut.  "That was the scare tactic they used.  The few times Dad was home, he was always threatening to check Sam's palms or mine for hair.  Mom just said it would make us go blind."  He shrugged, realizing for the first time how bizarre human parents could be.  "So? 

  What about you?  Did Sarek or Amanda ever look at your palms, Spock?"


   The ahn woon about his throat constricted, wriggling until it turned into a serpent that was really an elaborate collar.  Spock held the leash and, with it, he yanked Kirk up from the ground and drew him forward until they were face to face, chest to chest.

   Unable to breathe, Kirk could only stare at the other man with horrified fascination.  Time had stopped and only he and Spock remained.  Spock -- with his wild, crazy eyes and his body pouring heat that made the desert seem cool by comparison…


   "Do you resent Surak, Spock?" Kirk asked impulsively.  "I mean, do you resent logic?"

   Spock's lips crinkled a very real smile.  "To resent logic would be illogical, Jim," he pointed out.  Then, becoming serious, he added, "It is not a matter of resentment, but a question of obsession.  In the same manner the ancient warriors were obsessed with battle, it seems that present-day Vulcans are obsessed with logic.  We have merely traded one fixation for another.


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Publication date: 1991

At one time in our lives, most of us over the age of 30 have stood on the edge of the abyss and looked down into the darkness that lies there.  Some call it madness, others call it the fine art of thinking too much, still others would say that it doesn't exist at all.  For James T. Kirk, however, the abyss is all too real, and far too deep to climb out of without the help and the love of a trusted friend…


    A morose little smile parted Kirk's lips and for an instant, he could almost see the ghosts of long-dead family members sitting in vacant chairs that lined the porch of the old farm.  He could almost step back to a time when life had been simpler, not so complicated.  Yet the sound of a family's laughter was nothing more than the squeak of the porch swing; his mother's flowered cotton dress was nothing more than the shadows from the light that flickered above the door; Sam's shrill whistle to call the dog was just the wind in the rafters; and the voice of his father telling tall-space-tales was only distant thunder.

    What was it Sikor of Vulcan said? he thought absently.  'Each individual life is but a moment, and each of those tortured moments is so swiftly swallowed by the greater dark, going alone into the abyss of the night…'


    "When I was a kid," Kirk mused, "I used to think that the people I admired had all the answers, and that when I grew up, I'd have them, too."  He smiled wistfully at Spock, at his own misconceptions of the universe.  "Hell, Sam used to tell me that there was a book you got when you turned into a man.  He said it was a big secret that all the adults kept from the kids, but that when you were old enough, when you got that book in your hands, you'd suddenly know things that only adults were allowed to know.  You'd know how Santa Claus actually squeezes his fat ass down the chimney; you'd know how the Easter bunny hops all the way around the world on Easter morning; you'd know why the sky was blue; you'd know about sex.  All of it would be in the book.  And… well… sometimes I think I’m still waiting, Spock.  Sometimes I'm still waiting to grow up and find that book that has all the answers, or even just a few of them…"


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Publication date: 1985
164 pgs.- 2 column, very small print.

Originally pubbed under the pseudonym, "Nathan St. Germaine & Keith Donovan", this is an alternate universe K/S novel by A.F. Black & Natasha Solten.

*** EDITOR'S NOTE:  We will be placing this zine "Permanently Out of Print" at the end of 2017, so if you want to own a copy, please order before that time.

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K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten
  Unearthly by Wendy Rathbone
(A collection of award-winning poetry - dark fantasy, vampire, horror)
Daring Attempt
K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten
  Prince of Umberlight - New & Hot!
by Alexis Fegan Black

A hot erotic male/male vampire tale with a wee bit of bdsm and just enough non-con to keep it interesting.

One Flame
Pretty tame - minimal sex scenes, or sex described in less explicit manner.

Two Flames
Getting hotter.  Multiple sex scenes, and sex described in explicit terms.

Three Flames
Time for a cold shower. While all our titles may be described as male/male erotica, our 3-flamers are more explicitly written.  No matter the number of flames, all our titles are tastefully presented erotica, crafted by established professional writers.

Try some of our samplers! K/S, Wiseguy, Blake's 7!

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