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A Little Bit of History...
In many ways, fan fiction is where gay romance gained a huge foothold in an era when sitcoms still had married couples sleeping in separate beds! Many of the fanzines on this site were published as early as 1979, a time when gay rights had barely begun to be recognized, and the controversy surrounding "slash" or Kirk/Spock stories raged wildly in the newsletters and comment columns of the day.

Writers like Alexis Fegan Black (aka Della Van Hise), Natasha Solten, and others, took the idea of a gay relationship between Kirk and Spock out of the closet, and brought to it a sensitivity and sensuality which is unrivaled.  During its early days, fan fiction was strictly underground, with most fanzines enjoying a print run of 100 copies or less, and access primarily by word of mouth or a friend of a friend.



It is interesting to note that Della Van Hise was also the author of the professional STAR TREK novel, Killing Time - a book which was deemed "too hot to handle" by the powers that be, and recalled by the publisher for its now-infamous hints of a romantic relationship between Kirk and Spock.  The first edition still exists in its original form, for those lucky enough to have obtained a copy prior to the recall, and shows the reader a glimpse of what Ms. Van Hise later turned into a much more revealing and delightfully vivid depiction of the love and sexuality shared by these two beloved characters.  As Alexis Fegan Black, Ms. Van Hise wrote over 15 novels, a multitude of novellas, short stories and vignettes - most of which are available here at

Now, we are proud to present Sons of Neverland - Ms. Van Hise's premiere gay vampire romance.  The short story, KISS OF THE BLACK ANGEL, was professionally published in Tomorrow Magazine, but until recently the full-length novel was considered too explicit for mainstream publication.  If you're a fan of slash OR a sucker for vampire novels, you simply cannot miss this one!

A reviewer states... "...if you enjoyed Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, you will surely love Sons of Neverland for its bold depiction of love, sex and death: the three most profound experiences every human being must face.  Sons of Neverland takes the vampire mythos out of the Hollywood nonsense and brings to it a gritty realism mixed with some of the most erotic and sensuous writing in the genre of male/male fiction.  This is one I'll read again for the dark philosophical look at immortality, as well as the resplendent and emotionally mature love story..."


Star Trek Fan Fiction
(All K/S "slash" unless otherwise noted)

Multi-Media Fan Fiction
(All "slash" unless otherwise noted)

Professional Novels & Collections
M/M = male/male
Het = heterotica/romance
Bi = gay/straight & everything in between

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WISEGUY: THE WAR INSIDE Sons of Neverland by Della Van Hise
 (M/M, vampire, dark fantasy) 
K/S Novels of Alexis Fegan Black BLAKE'S 7
Avon the Terrible (gen), Raising Hell(gen)
Resistance (slash)
Year of the Ram by Della Van Hise
(M/M, sci-fi, gay romance)
Other K/S Novels & Anthologies
Off Duty, Otherwhere/Otherwhen, Fever,
The 25th Year, Against All Odds
  The Foundling by Wendy Rathbone
(M/M, contemporary gay romance)
Short Stories of Alexis Fegan Black   The Secret Sharer by Wendy Rathbone
(M/M, novelette)
Misc. K/S Novels & Collections
Icefire, The Way Home, The Long & Winding Road, Oath of Bondage, The Sound of Rain, One Night Stand 1-4/5


Pale Zenith by Wendy Rathbone
A mind-bending sci-fi novel
The Prince
A K/S novel by Natasha Solten
  Coyote by Della Van Hise
A sci-fi novel of love, honor & sacrifice
K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten
  Unearthly by Wendy Rathbone
(A collection of award-winning poetry - dark fantasy, vampire, horror)
Daring Attempt
K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten

One Flame
Pretty tame - minimal sex scenes, or sex described in less explicit manner.

Two Flames
Getting hotter.  Multiple sex scenes, and sex described in explicit terms.

Three Flames
Time for a cold shower. While all our titles may be described as male/male erotica, our 3-flamers are more explicitly written.  No matter the number of flames, all our titles are tastefully presented erotica, crafted by established professional writers.

Try some of our samplers! K/S, Wiseguy, Blake's 7!

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