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FALLING STAR by Alexis Fegan Black Hashi smiled into the darkness, lay on his back and laughed. "We're partners, Jim," he said, pulling the smaller man closer. "Partners in danger and death." "Damn you," Kirk whispered, eyes clenching shut as he felt Hashi's hand start to remove the shiny gold circus trunks. "Damn you, Hashi!" But the warmth spread through him. (Daring intrigue on the high trapeze and a glimpse of a dark Vulcan face in the crowd haunt Kirk's life in the alternate universe story.)

PERFECT CASTING by A.T. Bush "Commander Spock will be 'in command' of you when you are in the presence of the Klingons." Nogura was well aware of Kirk's commanding, irrepressible personality. "No problem, sir. I can work under Spock." Kirk realized the unintentional entendre only after it was out. A quick glance confirmed that Spock was mortified, but concealing it well. Thankfully, Nogura resisted comment and rose, adjourning the meeting.

HEROES OFTEN FAIL by Wendy Rathbone ...I am not the pitying kind and I know Jim finds the emotion distasteful. "The past is dead only because you have killed it yourself," I say. He is caught between anger and despair and I want to but will not reach out to that. "What do you know?" he replies. "And who are you to tell me that?" "A man who has been offered a command of his own five times and turned it down to stay with you."

NO OTHER CHOICE by Crystal Ann Taylor He caressed her cheek, her lips, then slid his finger across the pulsing artery in her neck, watching with pleasure the expressions that flowed across her face. At that moment, she opened her lids half-way and beneath them her dark eyes held a look which startled Kirk. It reminded him of Spock and the commitment he had made to the Vulcan.

SILVER BIRDS AGAINST THE SKY by Natasha Solten //If Edith Keeler had not died, Vulcan would have remained untouched. All this would still be... No, not all. The Federation's contact with Vulcan brought them many things as well as bringing the Federation knowledge. They should not remain untouched. We were meant to meet. And out of that merging... Spock. He's half human. How could I have forgotten? If Edith had lived, Spock would never have been born! Oh my g...//

SOMETHING WICKER THIS WAY COMES by Vivian Gates After some twisting and turning, they finally settled into new positions, each of them at one end of the two meter long, one meter wide basket, their legs tangled together in the middle. Kirk was just beginning to appreciate the warmth from Spock's thighs when he gave a sigh. He answered Spock's one eyebrow look of inquiry. "I have to piss."

THE RIGHT STUFF by Devery Helm "This next dance is in your honor," the Avanian declared with pride. "You and..." He inclined his head toward Spock, "...your shipmate. We are fortunate that you are here for our festival since this dance can be performed only if true sworn companions are present." "Sworn... companions...?" echoed Kirk, the comment catching him off guard. "It celebrates the need," V'hir added in a reverent voice.

MORE FICTION, POETRY & ART by Bush, Van Hise, Patt, Fine, Rathbone, Roderick, Bright, Gelfand, Jaeger, TACS, Solten, Mailander, Fetter, Hood, Mathai, Arat, plus more.


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SURVIVORS by Vivian Gates "I have no need for a wife," Spock said. T'Pring's attention was on Spock as he spoke, but shifted as the door opened behind Spock. Captain Kirk, totally unclothed and wet from a shower, stepped in.

AROUND ANY CORNER by Alayne Gelfand James T. Kirk stared at his hands. The thick, rich red dripped slowly between his fingers, causing patterns of crimson lace to stain the pale green sand beneath him. He knelt on the deserted Varton beach next to the still form of Austin Masters, the cool breeze flipping his hair to and fro.

VIRGINS by Robin Hood Klath's voice pulled Kirk's attention. "Captain, you will remove your shirt." He waited, picking up a phaser when Kirk didn't move. "Now! Mr. Spock, you as well." A faint shiver traveled Kirk's body. Klath spoke again. "Embrace each other." Kirk's hazel eyes widened as his body stiffened. He wondered what Spock was thinking and his head turned slowly toward the Vulcan. His eyes opened more upon hearing Spock's deadly calm words: "Is there a particular manner you would prefer?"

THE BEGINNING by Ann Carver Spock locked eyes with Kirk for a moment, searching for something. Suddenly his expression softened. Releasing Kirk's wrist, he brought his hand up gently and touched a finger to Kirk's lips.

IF I WERE TO TELL YOU by Tere Ann Roderick Giving up on the idea of remaining in bed, Jim began to disengage himself from the bedclothes. After much kicking and twisting, Jim managed to propel himself from the bed -- onto the floor. Certain that his lover had heard the commotion, Kirk remained where he had fallen, waiting.

WHERE PAIN FADES by Natasha Solten "Maybe we can help each other." Kirk jumped off the bed and began to pace. "A couple of years ago something very similar happened to me." "To what are you referring, Captain? What similar thing happened?" Spock asked, playing naive. They stared at each other for a long moment. Then Kirk walked toward the second bed and hopped upon it again. He broke the gaze and said, matter-of-factly, "Why, rape, of course."

COLD by Andrea Arat "When I arrived here, the sun had just set. The temperature, however, should remain level. I suggest we continue to conserve body heat," Spock said. Kirk's heart thumped sharply at that last statement. It sounded so ridiculous, like one of his crazy dreams. And Spock was so close -- too close. Suddenly Kirk was aware in a hypersensitive way of every single detail of Spock's body.

BREAK THOU MY SANCTUARY by Janet Alex The gleaming film of human sweat on your body -- the sign of your water-rich planet -- was lovely but lethal; when you fainted and my heart contracted in spite of myself, I knew I had to take you out of their hands. I told myself that it was a whim, a freak, that I would release you...

MORE FICTION AND POETRY by Resch, Solten, Gelfand, Hood, Sides, Resnick, Ross, Roderick, Navesih, Fetter, Mailander, Fine and more
ART by Amason, TACS, Jaeger, Mathai, Court and more



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THE MARKETPLACE by Kathleen Resch Kirk reached toward the fastenings of his own clothes when suddenly, sensing something -- sound, movement, he didn't know -- he whirled. And stared in disbelief at a solid stone wall where a doorway had been only a moment before. Fury and fear blazed inside. "What the hell is going on here?" he demanded, taking a step toward the Vulcan. "Answer me!" he hissed, and then, seconds later, launched himself at the unresisting form.

DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR by Andrea Arat Spock swung out and hit someone in the chest. He heard a curse as the man staggered back. "Jim!" he called. "Here, Spock." Kirk's voice came from the end of the corridor. "Here. You're all right. Come to me." The walls started to tumble and the floor undulated. Spock saw a faint glow, then Kirk's figure materialized. Kirk wore only black Starfleet uniform pants and he held his bare arms out to Spock. "Spock," he called. "I'm here." Now the walls were melting but Kirk stood unwavering, reaching with both arms. Spock jogged toward him. "Jim... help..."

A RARE AND BEAUTIFUL LIGHT by Natasha Solten  "Spock," Kirk said, as they sipped some after-dinner wine. "Can I ask you a personal question?" Spock closed his eyes in assent. "Of course." "I just wondered if you... if you said good-bye to Leila today." Spock took a deep breath, held it, then let it out slowly. "She will not see me."

THE DAWN OF A NEW BEGINNING by Louise Pacheco When my tongue touched his the memory went cold, as did the kiss, and I abruptly pulled away. And the look of hope I had seen in Jim's eyes seconds earlier now turned to excruciating pain. "No! You remembered! Tell me you remembered!" he cried, clutching my shoulders so hard it hurt. After a moment's silence I spoke in a hushed whisper, knowing the truth would hurt him deeply. "Yes, I remembered something. But it is gone now, and I do not understand its significance."

ONE MORE NIGHT by Mary Woodruff Spock strode to the bed and effortlessly slipped between the covers. His leg brushed against Kirk's bare thigh and he started at the contact. Kirk grinned. "Sorry, Spock. Guess I'm used to sleeping this way. In the altogether. Just a minute and I'll..." Spock touched him lightly on the arm. "That will not be necessary, Captain. It does not bother me."

ENSLAVER ENSLAVED by A.T. Bush The dungeon, despite the glowing forge, was too cool, with a cold draft gusting erratically, causing the torches and fire to flicker, throwing huge, scary shadows onto the walls. Despite the great fatigue in his arms, Kirk attempted to relieve the pressure on his wrists, fearing the loss of circulation in his hands would eventually result in irreparable damage. The chains clanked softly with his feeble movement. "Ah... so you have awakened at last."

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN and REPLY by C.A. Pierce Spock replayed the short message several times in the solitude of his childhood room. The shadows jeered at him, taunting him with faces from the past. Faces full of hatred, disgust, disdain. He kneeled in the dark and began his meditation, trying to ignore the tears on his cheeks.

WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? by Ann Carver Spock was no longer sleeping. He had awakened from his nightmare at the feel of McCoy's hand. Lying quietly, eyes closed, he allowed himself to enjoy that gentle touch. "Doctor McCoy," he whispered softly. "I thought you were asleep, Spock." "Doctor," Spock continued, "do you remember when you lectured me about not knowing the agonies and ecstasies of love? I understand now." "I never meant for you to learn like this," McCoy replied sadly.

MORE FICTION and POETRY by: Abbot, Vanderlaan, Mailander, Roderick, Yambe, Woodruff, Blacque, Solten, Hood, Resch, Fine, Black and more


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THE GAME by Donna Rose Vanderlaan "The rules are," Kirk said, "you can ask any three questions, you have to answer, and you have to tell the truth. Also, whatever is revealed cannot be repeated outside the group." "I do not feel divulging things of a personal or intimate nature would have any merit, nor be considered fun," Spock insisted. "At least try it once. I'm so bored here! If I had any idea we'd get stuck for days on this muddy rock I'd have certainly brought the chess set!"

THE EAGLE'S PERCH by Natasha Solten  "Did you feel anything?" the prosecutor asked. Suddenly the memory came back full force. Spock felt all the blood drain from his face. The bond between himself and Kirk snapped. Nausea brought an unfamiliar liquid warmth to his eyes. "I felt it all," he managed to say to the court. "Hopeless..." He closed his eyes as the room began to darken and, as though outside his body, saw himself slump forward onto the arm of the witness chair. "Spock." Soothing hands, cool and firm, caressed his forehead.

DRAGON-MELD by Matthew James and Elizabeth Leicester Spock tried to reach for Kirk again, but Kirk continued to grip his wrists. "Will it help you to hold me?" Kirk asked. "Do you need a mind-meld? Tell me what to do, Spock!" He let Spock go. The Vulcan grabbed Kirk's upper arms and his vise like grip tightened. Kirk winced with pain before Spock loosened slightly. //Spock!// Kirk called with his mind. //Spock, answer me! What's wrong? What happened?// But there was no answer. It was as though their bond was blocked.

STORM by Robin Hood Wind. I heard wind screeching through my ears and couldn't believe them. This couldn't be happening. A cutting gust sliced through me and my body reacted when you spoke your bladed words. I shivered. "I am leaving, Jim. I must, for you have come too close to my life."

TO CATCH A SPY by A.T. Bush Spock gritted his teeth and readjusted the instrument. The earplug comm set wobbled dangerously as he shook his head in frustration. Unfortunately, it was reporting the negative results from the other stations. Spock swiveled his chair to stare at the flat-line readout of Kirk's special shoe-detector. Kirk had assured him that no civilized beings would take a captive's shoes! He had been proven utterly wrong. Anyone only mildly cognizant of the plethora of Federation technological devices would know that Kirk was 'bugged' from head to toe.

NOW AND ALWAYS by Rachel Abbot  We would both be off duty in a few seconds. I decided to get Spock in my room and flat out ask for what I wanted. As I made my decision I found myself once again staring at the line of Spock's genitals and thighs under the black pants. My gaze rose and a faint blush colored my cheeks as I met Spock's quizzical stare.

THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING by Andrea Arat and Alexis Fegan Black The dark Kirk mumbled. "Make him go away. I hate him." "You don't know what you're saying," the other Kirk said. He leaned closer to his other's face. "Spock is our dearest friend, remember?" The dark Kirk's breath shook. "Not mine!" His mouth twisted. "I don't want him to see me. Make him go! You're Spock's friend. I'm not. I'm the one everyone's ashamed of. I have no friends."

ADDITIONAL FICTION and POETRY by Hood, Vanderlaan, Abbot, Pierce, Solten, Arat, MEB, Bryant, Mailander, Roderick, Peacock, Blacque and more.
ART by Court, Feyrer, Parnes, Cole, Pierce, Jaeger, Dragon, Kym and more.



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TTHE STONE EZEL by Linda Frankel
One summer years ago a young Cadet Kirk roomed with a Klingon named Kumara at a special Starfleet training camp designed to promote peace between the diverse peoples of the galaxy. Now Captain Kirk faces Commander Kumara in a diplomatic but deadly struggle to bring peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. It becomes a more personal battle for Kirk, however, who must deal with past memories of an intimate relationship with Kumara who still loves him. Kirk, unable to return the Klingon's affections, is torn between duty and a promise made in the idealism of youth. Also, his powerful but unconfessed love for Spock serves to further complicate matters in this moving novella of adventure, intrigue and love.

FALLING STAR, PART II (the conclusion) by Alexis Fegan Black
Part I, which appears in DA #1, introduces Jim Kirk and his partner Hashi as circus performers in a dangerous trapeze act. The sadistic Hashi, Kirk's roommate and former lover, continues to threaten Kirk who actively fears for his life as the next death-defying performance approaches. The prophet Rangu has already warned him that this act will be his last. Will he stay and continue to goad Hashi into killing him? And just whose unknown but familiar presence does he keep sensing nearby? Dark eyes in a crowd of people, whispers of past memories haunt him as he climbs toward the trapeze platform that may lead to his death.

TEARS IN THE DESERT by Robin Hood "You are my friend, and this is not proper." The words were jerked from Spock as if from his soul. "Why isn't it?" Kirk asked. "God, Spock. I love you!" There! The words hung in the air leaving both men strangely breathless. "Captain," Spock said with a quiver in his throat, "there is an intermix formula..."

THE SIXTEENTH YEAR OF ICOR by C.A. Pierce "The Icor," Spock said, "is for remembering the Tas't'zet, which is the sustaining of the Vulcan Set-Katra; the Hall of Ancient Thought. If each Vulcan, in his own 16th year of Icor, does not perform this necessary function, then in the next Great Tirn a weakening of the structure would occur, resulting in the loss and total destruction of the Tas't'zet and the Set-Katra, and most probably , following the next Grand Ic'the'le, the death of the Vulcan race, in toto." "Are you sure, Jim, that you wanna bond with a guy who counts his life in Icors?" McCoy asked. Spock deigned to glance at the doctor, though it was just beginning to sink in concerning how little humans really knew about the more personal side of Vulcan life; the rituals, beliefs, mysticism, religion.

MOONLIGHTING by Wendy Rathbone  Mr. Reelo Sar'da'nol, one of the most admired and valued artists in the galaxy, makes Mr. Spock an offer he cannot refuse: he would like to use Spock as the subject of one of his paintings. Though Spock has admired Reelo's critically acclaimed work for several years, the prospect of posing for him is completely out of the question. Reelo paints only nudes.

ADDITIONAL FICTION by Frost, S/K, Roderick, Voile, Seta
POETRY by Arat, Blacque, Gelfand, Hood, Mailander, Peacock, Resch, Roderick, Schnedler, Silvana, Solten
ART by Cole, Crouch, Dragon, Friedman, Hedge, Pierce, Whild, Zoost


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DAWN OF THE PHOENIX by C.A. Pierce Spock's shuttle crash lands on an alien planet. Seriously injured and suffering from amnesia, Spock is found and cared for by an intelligent cat-being. Will Kirk and crew find Spock before the Klingons do? Can they save the intelligent cat-beings from senseless slaughter?

THE MEMOIRS OF JAMES T. COUGAR by Tiberius Tomcat Well, you see, Bones, it all started with that cat Mage from the planet Bast. I had heard about the goings on in the Bast Temples. They have these wonderfully obscene orgiastic rites in honor of the Goddess Bast, or so runs the scuttlebutt. But no one ever told me that one of their Mages could teleport without a transporter directly into my offices in Starfleet HQ...

CONTEST ENTRY by Jane Mailander //Spock. You are aware, of course, that I am going to kill you as soon as I'm out of this mess.// The captain of the ENTERPRISE paused for a moment. //Actually, it'll be easier to kill you as I am now. Nice sharp claws, fangs, the works...// //And if you kill me now,// the Vulcan added lightly, relieved, //you will have to remain in your present shape for an uncomfortable span of time, until another Vulcan decides to voluntarily meld with a Terran panther who believes itself to be a starship captain.//

LONELY DREAMER by Charlotte Frost He pushed his long, thick hair back behind his shoulders. The red Vulcan sun had disappeared from the horizon, and he strained his eyes in an attempt to find the elusive animal. He was sure it could not have left the outcropping of rocks without him seeing it. Now, just a meter away, he reached out with a trembling hand. His fingers came into contact with the soft, furry coat, and the animal turned its head in his direction, as though surveying him.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by Ursula Tulle Kirk was wading in an unusually deep 'puddle' of windblown summit-sand when he rounded a towering boulder and came upon the most startling sight ever to behold. For a stunned moment he forgot to breathe. Spock sank his fingertips into the furry chest and scratched vigorously. The loud rumbling purrs of contentment vibrated against his bare hip where the great cat leaned...

THE TALENT by Jenny Star Name's Gypsy. I'm an enchantress. Naw, not like all that Camelot bullshit with Merlin and all. Listen. Next to me, that Merlin was a no count, limp-wristed wimp. A real amateur. I, Jack, am the genuine article.

THE DREAM MERCHANT by Dovya Blacque It took another moment for Spock to decipher his never used knowledge of the language. "Dream Merchant", the sign read. "Come in, young man. You are looking for a dream, are you not? You have come from the stars to find a dream," Gjinka told Spock. "You are very curious... about everything... and have come to find that which you have never known before." You claim to sell dreams?

CATNIP by Robin Hood "I'm sorry to have to remind you, Spock, of something I know you'd just as soon never think of again, but... I have to." "I know... Jim." Kirk tried to make it easier. "You'd been on Drraln for how long before... the effect began to take a hold of you, and was it just you?"

MORE FICTION and POETRY by C.A. Pierce, Rachel Abbot, Natasha Solten, Tere Ann Roderick, Sandee Maxwell, Romilly Kerr, Shellie Whild, Andrea Arat, Karn Wills, Meg Fine, Dovya Blacque, Robin Hood.
ART by Soto, Cole, Pierce, Whild, Zoost, Amason, Zweserijn.


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LESSONS AND LOVERS by Charlotte Frost Kirk and Spock have an open relationship which leaves Kirk free to pursue the opposite sex. But can his conscience handle it?

LETTERS FROM MOTHER by Gene S. Delapenia Events from WRATH OF KAHN and SEARCH FOR SPOCK are seen from a different point of view, through the letters of a cook writing home to her kids.

THE BOUNTY HUNTERS by Susie Gordon After TSFS, and before the "Wanted" poster for Admiral Kirk is recalled by Fleet Command, bounty hungers kidnap him from Vulcan for the reward. The poster states reward will be paid on delivery, dead or alive. Will Kirk survive his captivity?

LEFT BEHIND by Yvonne DeChine The ENTERPRISE with Kirk aboard warps off across the galaxy leaving Spock and McCoy on Earth to attend a seminar. Suddenly, Spock goes into pon farr and his bondmate is light years away. Will Spock find an alternative? Can Kirk get back in time to save his life?

The feud between Spock and McCoy has taken on new proportions. Practical jokes get pretty serious in this not so serious look at Vulcan vs. human.

Kirk and Spock finally come to terms with their feelings, but can they handle physical intimacy as well?

MINDSIFTING by Natasha Solten
What really transpired when Spock was under control of the Klingon mindsifter from Errand of Mercy?

ADDITIONAL FICTION by Roberta, C.A. Pierce and more
POETRY by Hood, Solten, Roderick, Bryant, Frankel, James, Leicester, Monnig
ART by Dragon, Gruber, Zweserijn, Feyrer, Whild, Zoost


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OF DARK PLACES a novella by Mary Kay Urbanski While Kirk struggles to survive in a dark cave which is the home of a terrifying alien animal, he experiences flashbacks recalling his friendship with Spock and the slow deepening of their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, Spock searches for his captain with an increasing awareness that Kirk is in immediate need of help and fearful that he will not reach his friend in time.

THE COLD LANDS a novella by Romilly Kerr When their shuttle crash lands on the planet Oroscon, Kirk and Spock are caught and imprisoned by an alien ruler fearful that their strangeness will contaminate his mid-20th century society. While in the prison, Kirk and Spock must put up with not only the prisoners but each other as well as their hopes for rescue waning and dependency on their friendship for survival deepening.

TORY by Mary Suskind Lansing A slice of life story that takes place in the later years of Kirk's and Spock's lives together along with their pet, an Irish wolfhound who is twice the size of an ordinary human.

SWEET FIRE by Robin Hood Kirk and Spock discuss their friendship and how they felt about one another's personal lives before they discovered their love for each other.

AT FIRST SIGHT by Natasha Solten The first day Kirk takes command of the ENTERPRISE he's surprised upon meeting his Vulcan First Officer that his admiration for him and his accomplishment is mutual. At first sight, both are more than intrigued with the other; in fact, they hit if off quite well... literally!

ADDITIONAL FICTION by Yvonne DeChine, Renita Lane and more
POETRY by Linda Frankel, Robin Hood, Sandee Maxwell, Natasha Solten, Shellie Whild and more
ART by Marilyn Cole, Dragon, Sarah B. Leonard, Sherry Veltkamp, Shellie Whild, Jacquelyn Zoost and more.


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THE WAKING by Charlotte Frost
Kirk glanced sideways at his companion and smiles. It had been a rough four years since V'ger, but Spock looked better now than he ever had before. There was a maturity and a softening about the Vulcan, as well as a sense of contentment that Kirk had been afraid he'd never see.

NOT HIMSELF by Robin Hood "Vulcans never lie, do they, Spock?"  McCoy asked. "Seldom," the Vulcan snapped. Spock considered not continuing the conversation but his curiosity was gnawing at his innards. "Has he become enamored of a... man?" "Yep! And not a human to boot!"

PERCHANCE TO DREAM by Cassandra  "Bones, I have this awful feeling that I've lost Spock, down here in my gut. That I'll never see him again. I went up to the bridge tonight and this feeling of overpowering loneliness came over me." "Are you afraid his mate will take him from you?" "I'm not sure, that may be a part of it. But there's more to it than that."

A SHADOW FROM THE PAST by Debbie Cummins  Spock reached out and brushed the tousled hair from his brow. When Kirk slept like this, his face smooth and unlined, the recalcitrant hair that forever seemed to dangle across his brow, he looked no more than a child. Spock watched him sleep as he had watched him so many nights before, as if fearful that, if he looked away, the captain would vanish like a mirage...

MEMORIES OF LONG AGO by Donna Rose Vanderlaan  Kanessa Simpert turned the corner and saw the large white building that was the Starfleet Museum... She went to another display and intently studied the holos of the officers. "Funny they should have had only one alien on board, isn't it... First Officer Spock." She studied his face then turned to the guide who was also studying the faces. "You know, you look very much like him," she said. "Thank you," the Vulcan replied, "I have been told that before."

NEVER TOO OLD Greta Foulard Sammy Piccard was not exactly a novice. And Kirk was quick to sense his natural athletic abilities. The constantly weaving hands were almost hypnotically graceful and quick as a certil's viperous strike. Too late, Kirk felt his ankle grasped and an instant later, he landed on his back. "Good moves, Piccard." "Thank you, sir. Easy take-downs?" Sammy smiled charmingly and offered a helping hand. He easily lifted Kirk back onto his feet. Kirk grinned too. "Just don't break any of my bones." "Nor mine, sir. At least, not permanently. I'm hoping to make captain someday."

THE HAPPY PILL by Charlotte Frost  Kirk walked into his quarters with a mischievous grin. Spock was already there, standing with his blue-clad back to the doorway. Kirk went up to his first officer and attacked him by poking his fingers into the lean ribs... "I'm home, dear," the other jeered... "Indeed," Spock replied calmly. "You have been in quite a playful mood of late."

BELIAL by Mary Kay Urbanski  Never before had Kirk felt such intense terror as he felt now from the unseen intruder. The presence, he sensed, was so evidently evil and perverse that he actually began to quake from fright. The maliciousness was actually palpable and Kirk broke out into a cold sweat, trying to maintain control of his shaking body. He knew he would have to sustain the pretense of sleep in hopes that the interloper would leave them alone.

POETRY by Linda Frankel, Jane Mailander, Sharon Pearson, Natasha Solten
ART by Dragon, Gruber, Hedge, Veltkamp, Whild, Zoost, Zweserijn


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