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Naked Times #12


THE GIFT by Mara-Lyn Cade (Part II in the trilogy based on THE PRIZE)

   "Go," Jim ordered, feeling his own heart's protest.  "You must."

   The bonded mates shared a final frantic embrace before Spock quit their bed.  Concentrating on dressing quickly, he snatched up yesterday's discarded dress.  A bath and a change of tunic would wait.  In defiance and desperation, he decided that he would travel with Jim's scent upon him, Jim's seed within him.  Selon be damned!


GENTLENESS by Charlotte Frost

   Kirk pulled off his shirt as he moved into his sleeping area.  "It's hard to stop wondering how many other parallel universes there are out there.  How many Jim Kirks there are, and what those Jim Kirks are like…"  He dropped the shirt down the recycling chute and began to unfasten his pants.  "Don't you ever wonder about all those Spock?"

   "I gave it much thought after hearing your initial report.  I concluded that we do not currently have the technology to answer the question."  He pulled his black shirt over his head.

   "Which means," Kirk said, taking off his last sock and tossing it and his pants in the chute, "that you've decided it's illogical to continue to dwell on the subject."

   Spock stepped out of his pants.  "That is essentially correct…"


SPEED OF LIGHT by Alexis Fegan Black

   "Look, Jim," McCoy said, half stammering, "the manager of this hotel swore this was the only copy."  His face darkened as he chewed his lower lip and rolled the damning tape over and over in his hand.  "I certainly hope it's the only one!"

   Kirk leaned forward, battling the urge to strange the mystery out of McCoy.  "I get the picture, Bones," he said, exasperated.  "Now what's on the tape?  You?  Me?"

   McCoy didn't move, didn't breathe.  "It's… Spock," he said at last.

   Kirk sat stone-still, not breathing.  If he could read between the nervous lines of McCoy scattered explanation, it seemed the doctor was trying to tell him that Spock -- Spock of Vulcan -- had been filmed in the act of sexual passion.  His face paled, heart pounding.  "S-Spock?"


OFF CENTER LOVE by Zoey Brooks

   "I'm sorry, Spock," Kirk offered sincerely.  "Reminiscing seems to make you unhappy."

   "Do not be sorry, Jim.  I am… pleased… you would find my life a source of interest."

   Kirk smiled faintly.  "I guess I just wonder how a lonely little Vulcan boy managed to become such an accomplished… and… gentle man… one I care a lot about."

   Spock thought his heart would whirl until it turned to butter like the tiger's heart in the human fairy tale.


ALSO WORK BY Robin Hood, Natasha Solten, Dovya Blacque, Jamie Larson, Gene Delapenia, Sandee Maxwell, Elwyn Conway, Marilyn Cole, Jacquelyn Zoost, Dragon, Shellie Whild, Carol Pierce, Vel Jaeger and more.

Original Publication Date: 1986
186 pgs - Cover by Marilyn Cole


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Naked Times #13

Special metaphysical issue!



   "You would be better off if you had never met me," the Vulcan stated, head bowed over the clasped hands.  "Please, Jim, do not argue.  We have had this discussion before and it always ends the same: you insist and I retreat.  This time, I must insist: you would be better off if you had never met me…"

ENTER, JANUS by Zoey Brook

   McCoy frowned deeply.  "I still don't understand, Sarek.  What is this Gazad?"

   Spock took over when he saw his father was again deep in thought.  "Doctor, the Gazad is the name of a being which feeds on others, similar to the Terran vampire.  Yet unlike the vampire of your Earth lore, the Gazad takes energy, will, life itself… rather than blood."


ONCE UPON A DREAM by Sharon Pearson

   "Have you ever heard of an ancient children's story called Sleeping Beauty, Spock?" McCoy asked.  "I used to read it to my daughter.  It was about a princess who pricked her finger on a poisoned spindle and was doomed to sleep until awakened by 'love's first kiss'.  A charming story."

   "But hardly helpful, Doctor.  The captain's situation is scarcely comparable to that of a young virgin metaphorically awakened by the recognition of her dawning sexuality…"


THE FIRST LEVEL OF HELL by Carlin Rae Thorne

   "The collective energy of billions of minds, amassed over centuries of existence, can essentially create what is known in metaphysical communities as an astral entity."

   Kirk glanced up.  "What do you mean?"

   "For centuries, Captain, a sizeable percentage of your Earth's population has subscribed to the belief in good and evil -- and in the physical embodiment  of those concepts," Spock recited coolly.  "It is a fact that energy can accumulate and eventually manifest into physical reality."


A PLACE OF RED by Dovya Blacque

   James Kirk washed his face in cold water, drew a soft towel across it, drying himself, then looked back in the mirror.  The image didn't change.  The face that looked back at him with utter disapproval was that of his first officer.

   His first impulse was to laugh, knowing hysteria when he felt it…


ALSO WORK BY Chris Soto, C. Frost, Faille, Maxwell, Solten, Vanderlaan, Kincade, T'Hera, Fetter, hedge, Mason, Zoost, EurLynne, "Sunny", Delapenia, Dragon and Whild.

Original Publication Date: 1987
160 pgs - Cover by Chris Soto

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Naked Times #14



Kirk didn't have the slightest idea what to do, but he sent soothing pictures into Spock's mind… scenes from his childhood home in Iowa… oceans of wheat rippling in the breeze.. .the shady creed… the porch swing… billowing clouds casting shadows on the land… the old mother cat in the barn lazily licking kittens… ice skating on the frozen pond in winder… anything cool and lazy he could think of.

It must have been the right thing.  The body pinning him to the floor began to relax.  //Spock?//


THE LEGACY Mara-Lyn Cade (Part III of the trilogy based on THE PRIZE)

   Jim felt the hard fingers pressed to the flesh as if it were his own face Sporl held.  He gasped , feeling the power of the Elders slice into Spock's defenseless mind.  The battered body stiffened in a pitiful attempt to evade their assault; but the Elders leisurely rifled the Vulcan's thoughts, his emotions, his memories.  The violation centered on their union.  Memories of shared times were dissected.  The bond he and Spock had formed was touched, examined with disbelief which strengthened into disgust.

   Jim was on the outside now, no longer a part of the meld, no longer a part of Spock.  He had no strength, no will to control his being.  He allowed the guards to support his slumped body as he watched the savage mind probe terminated.  The bond was broken.



   "Are you feeling all right, Spock?" Kirk had been watching the Vulcan as he diligently segregated the various ingredients of the carefully prepared casserole.  Head down, brows knitted, he was arranging the food on his plate into small, neat piles.  As far as Kirk could tell, he hadn't eaten a bite.

   At Kirk's question, the Vulcan started and looked up as if surprised to see him there.  High on his cheekbones, bright color flared, and the hollows beneath his eyes were more pronounced.  As if aware of Kirk's scrutiny, he turned his head away.

   Suddenly, a thought struck the human.  He realized where he had seen that look before…



   "Spock, please let me explain.  I know… Mu mmmfflfff nfhhfh glf fhfh…"  It took a moment for the human to register the large hand over his mouth effectively silencing his speech.  The arms that held him pushed and he fell/reclined to the hard bunk, felt a heavy body straddle his.  He held his breath, with no idea of what was coming.  He only knew it was Spock by the beard-depilatory scent the Vulcan always used.


ALSO WORK BY Deborah Cummins, David Alexander, Angel C. Soie, Gene Delapenia, Painted Bird, Kaori, Dovya Blacque, Natasha Solten, Zoost, Pierce, Hedge, Chiya and more.

Original Publication Date: 1987
160 pgs - Cover by Gayle Feyrer

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Naked Times #15


HERO WORSHIP by Natasha Solten (A post-"The Enemy Within" story)

   As Spock remembered the lamb-Kirk's hesitation and indecisiveness, and his total deference, the compassion the Vulcan had felt turned to ice, causing him to recoil.  Seeing that part of his captain for the first time -- the child part, the weakness -- was akin to complete and total disappointment.  He'd thought Kirk to be stronger than that, had counted on it many occasions in the past…



   "…If bonding to a Vulcan is the only way I can stay in space," Kirk said, "then I choose to do exactly what I did, with exactly whom I did."

   "I think Vulcans are basically dishonest, Spock.  They underestimate humans… and themselves…"


BROTHERLY LOVE by Deborah Cummins

   Spock rose to his feet and stared out the viewer of the psor'tial shop.  Warp speed had rendered the pace before them virtually featureless, a hazy mist of white as the stars flashed by.  "We will run out of fuel in the Belarian System, Sector 18.  There is a 73% probability that we will be captured by the planet's gravitational force before we lose all engine power.  We have a 37% chance of a soft landing.  That is assuming of course, that we have no further difficulties.  With the sensors non-functional, there is no way to tell."

   Kirk's saddened smile reflected his own.  "No… I suppose not…"



   Kirk sat upright on his couch at the foot of Spock's bed as the door crashed open and someone blundered into the room.  He heard Spock's voice and was about to speak when he realized that his master was not alone.  He could see a slim shape entwined with the Vulcan's and a sweet, cloying scent permeated the air.  Coloring hotly, Kirk lay down again, pulling the blanket over his head as he feigned sleep…


SOUNDINGS by David Alexander

   "Spock?  What are you doing?"

   "Obviously, from the sounds coming through these walls, something is wrong," the Vulcan said.  "They may need help."

   Kirk grinned, breathed and grabbed the worried Vulcan's arm before he could finish putting on his pants.  "Hold it, Spock.  There's no trouble, believe me.  They're…  He hesitated, not sure how to delicately tell his friend.  He opted for directness.  "They're… making love."

   Though he couldn't see Spock clearly in the darkness, he sensed the Vulcan staring at him…


NIGHT OF MASTERY by Alexis Fegan Black

   The door to the small house opened, revealing a familiar, intimidating silhouette framed against the pale lighting within.

   "Sinta," Spock said, almost to himself, almost as an accusation.  His vision blurred.  Reality struck him like a hammer.  Fire and ice fought a war in his mind, with Kirk being the victor's spoils.  The ice gained a stronghold.  The fire stormed, gathering angry strength.

   Then, without further ceremony, Spock passed out cold.


ALSO WORK BY Zoost, Dragon, Crouch, Whild, Pierce, Alayne, Hood, Maxwell, Pearson and more.


Original Publication Date: 1987
202 pgs - Cover by Zoost


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Naked Times #16


THE SAFE ZONE by M. J. Merica

   Just as Kirk entered the door, an ornate knife crossed his path at chest level, burying itself in the wall six inches above the face of a patient shackled to the bed.  Deciding the patient was Romulan, he turned to see who the weapon's wielder was.

   A beautiful woman with large eyes and long lashes stared at him.  "Just a little pest control," she explained.  "Scotty won't let me slit his throat…"


THE SHAKTAH by Zoey Brooks

   "If you do this, Bri Sorani," Spock threatened, "at the first possible opportunity, I will end my life."

   "You, a Vulcan, end your life?  Impossible."  She moved closer.

   "When there is sufficient cause, even ending a life is justified, Sorani," Spock proclaimed…



   His nakedness was covered in olive green.  Dark hair, stirring slightly in the wind, hung past his shoulders.  Dark eyes were enhanced by upswept, wing-like brows accompanying exquisitely elfin ears.  From between his shoulder blades extended a pair of elegant, pale green wings.

   The winged one's gaze raked the golden perfection of the naked sleeper as he perched upon an outcropping of the wall just above the form.  Indeed, the stranger had enough beauty to tempt an angel…



   Spock followed Melbourne 57 to her chair grouping and seated himself beside Kirk. The woman curled into a large armchair, automatically plucked a jade egg off the cluttered table, and began to fondle it.

   When Kirk noticed, he nearly sputtered water everywhere.  He quickly set the glass aside.  "Sorry…"


BROTHERLY LOVE - PART II by Deborah Cummins (the conclusion)

   Spock cut off the words as the barriers formed around him.  The captain must not see what he knew was about to take place.  He fortified his mind, erecting the cold, impenetrable shields.  He understood that this would inhibit his ability to black the pain in the hours ahead; but it was necessary.  Kirk must not know.

   The door slammed shut behind him…


TRICK OR TREAT by James Carlson

   "It's a pity Mister Spock couldn't be here tonight," Sulu said as the plans became more serious.  "It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on the disappearances in the Triangle."

   I had just started to make an excuse for the absent Vulcan, formulating a response which would point out his reserved, un-partying nature when, for a reason I have yet to comprehend, I looked up and toward the front door that had been left standing open for any late-arriving guests.

   There was a Spock at the door…


Original Publication Date: 1987
180 pgs - Cover by Ann Crouch



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Naked Times #17


ABOUT TIME by Lynn Shomei

   "Do not be so certain of what you think you know.  For all your power and physical strength, you are merely human."

   The "mere" human cringed suddenly at the use of that word as a diminutive, wondering how far the implication went…


THE FIRST MOVE by Cybel Harper

   "You required my aid and I felt obliged to give it.

   "Because I'm your superior officer."

   "No, because you are James Kirk, and wherever you go, people will follow you, will give you their trust, their loyalty, and more.  That is, I believe you will find your destiny."  Spock flushed, embarrassed at the unprecedented emotionalism of his avowal…



   He makes love like he drinks fine brandy.  He sips, nips, delicately tastes.  He uses his tongue to enhance the sweetness.  He closes his eyes in single-minded concentration, never forgetting to pay humble respect to the vessel of his pleasure.

   Captain James Kirk is a very heady experience…


THE GIFT OF DREAMS by Charlotte Frost

   "Spock," Kirk said in a worried tone, "I wonder sometimes what it will be like when I die -- what will happen to you."

   Spock raised the human's chin.  "We pledged the death bond long ago," he reminded.

   "I know," Kirk agreed quickly.  "But even you more or less admitted that was a lot of Vulcan hocus pocus…"



   The conversation ended with the barroom challenger taking a swing at the Vulcan.  Spock let the punch land, but was moving in the direction of the force to lessen the impact.  It looked more effective than it really was.

   Two more men joined in the fray, and within moments the bar was engulfed from wall to wall by a swirling mass of fists and flying bodies…


ALSO WORK BY Varla Michaels, James Carlson

Original Publication Date: 1987
160 pgs - Cover by Ann Crouch


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Naked Times #18



   "A problem, Mister S'Kirk?" Spock asked, coming onto the bridge.

   "That ship, sir."  Kirk indicated the viewer, adding over the bondlink, It's a Federation Starship, Spock.

   Spock glanced at his mate.  Your people?



   "That one has been stricken from the records," the monk explained.  "He now does not exist for us, nor ever did.  We are forbidden even to say his name.  He was sent out."

   Kirk blinked.  "Sent out?  You mean alone, in the desert?"

   The monk nodded.


THE GOL LETTERS by Carlin Ray Thorne

   (A collection of unsent letters during the time of Gol)

   Dear Spock: These dreams will have to be enough.  Tomorrow morning I go in for the psyche-evaluation required for my promotion to the admiralty.  I intend to pass it one way or another, with or without you or anyone else.  Bones is off in Atlanta giving enemas to horses, and you're on Vulcan being a horse's ass.  Maybe the two of you should get together.  But I can't quit living that easily.  I'll take the promotion if it's offered, and I'll be the best damned admiral Starfleet ever had.


SOMETHING FISHY by Venisa I. Duvetyn

   "We cannot advertise that we are searching for Captain James T. Kirk of the ISS Enterprise," Spock stated.  "That is the fastest possible method of guaranteeing his immediate execution."

   McCoy frowned thoughtfully.  "I guess you're right.  I can name a dozen planets where every inhabitant would just love to get their hands on Jim."


 MAKING PEACE by M. J. Merica

   "What thee is about to see," Kirk said to the healer with a perfectly straight face, glancing occasionally to Spock, "is a human ritual that has come down from the beginning.  It is the heart and soul of the human institution of marriage.  It is called a family squabble.  Wise men keep out of it: but since I question whether Vulcans posses the elusive quality of wisdom, let me make this perfectly clear.  If you must observe, keep your big mouth shut, healer.  Do I make myself absolutely clear?"


ALSO WORK BY James Carlson, Alexis Fegan Black, Cybel Harper, Kimberly Sara Huntington, Natasha Solten, Carol Pierce, Leo Minoris, L. Morrison Flack, Marilyn Cole and more.


Original Publication Date: 1988
160 pgs - Cover by Marilyn Cole


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Naked Times #19



   Spock could no more leave Kirk's side than he could exist without breathing.  If his mood hadn't been so black, the irony might have amused him.  The cause of the suffering was the lure that kept calling him back, kept him tied to the human's side as if he were bound with a thousand chains.

   So he stayed.  For four years.  And repressed the sorrow, the pain, watching Kirk seduce women by the score, fall in and out of love, turn to him for help and consolation before delving once again into another relationship.  The list seemed endless.

   Spock buried the hurt, smothering it in rejection and denial.  Kirk didn't love him…


JOURNEY'S END by Cybel Harper

   It should have been easy.  The water was shallow enough to stand up in, and Kirk had reacted quickly enough to prevent Spock from inhaling much, if any water.  But all of that didn't take into account the Vulcan's strength or the depth of his panic.

   He fought Kirk, throwing the weaker human from him with a force that drove the air from Kirk's lungs and plunged him under water with barely enough presence of mind to hold his breath…



   Spock's eyes widened in horror as he looked at the large clearing directly ahead.  Two tall posts faced him each with a pile of dried branches arranged around its base.  Torches from the townspeople lit the night, and a hushed whispering could be heard throughout the crowd.

   Instinctively, Spock leaned for a nearby officer, pressing his fingers deep into the unsuspecting man's neck.  The man fell quickly as Spock turned to free Kirk, stopping in terror when he saw another officer pressing a knife to the human's throat.

   "Stop or I'll kill him right now."

   The Vulcan wondered if it would be best to let the man do just that rather than have Kirk tied to the post…


MIRRORED GUILT by Sharon Pillsbury

   "You're out to take over the ship," the captain of the ISS Enterprise accused, brandy bottle in hand.

   "You are aware that I have never sought command," Spock replied coolly.

   "And you think I believe that?" Kirk smiled dangerously.  "Before you put a knife in my back, I plan to…"

   "A knife?" Spock mused.  "If I wanted to kill you, I would need no weapon."  The Vulcan rose slowly and walked over to Kirk, placing his fingers at the back of the human's neck.  "Tal Shaya is a most effective method of killing, it would take only a slight pressure."  His fingers lightly brushed against the nerve points…


ALSO WORK BY A.F. Black, Robin Hood, Linda Frankel, Pagan Blue, Shauna, Ann Mason, Dragon, Zoost and more.


Original Publication Date: 1988
160 pgs - Cover by Zoost

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Naked Times #20



GOING PUBLIC by Martha Selena Brown

   Kirk flushed.  "They want a kiss, Spock," he whispered in some embarrassment.

   "Each of them" the Vulcan asked incredulously.

   "No!  Between us."



   Amanda sighed.  "I don't think anyone who's never been a parent could understand, Jim.  I wanted so much for Spock.  It seems he had everything against him from the time he was conceived…"



   It's time for the fledglings to leave the nest, Kirk decided.  No one stays home forever… just isn't natural.

   Wise decision, Spock said.

   Kirk spun around to find the Vulcan standing in the doorway.  "When did you get here?"



   Transfixed, Kirk stared.  The richly somber robes fell elegantly around Spock's slender frame in precisely arranged folds.  "I don't think I've seen you in Vulcan dress before, Spock."

   "It seemed appropriate," Spock commented darkly.   "Tonight I am not your first officer.  Tonight, I am Spock of Vulcan."

   Kirk swallowed.  "That sounds ominous…"


THE STING by Triad

   "No, really, Spock.   I couldn't borrow money from you."  He looked down at the table, his fingers toying with the gold utensils.

   "I wasn't thinking of a loan."

   Kirk's head popped up.  "Are you suggesting…?"  He paled slightly.


ONLY THE WIND by Addison Reed

   "Jim, you hardly touched your dinner, and in our two point six kilometer walk subsequent to that time have answered me in sentences of no more than three syllables each."


   "That, since it contains no combination of vowels and consonants, does not even quality as a single syllable."




ALSO WORK BY Cassandra, Ursula Tulle, Siobahn, Donna Rose Vanderlaan, Virginia Lee Smith, Linda Frankel, Sara Rodale, Robin Hood, Dana Austin Marsh, Kay Wells, Dragon, Cybel Harper, Jackie Zoost, Natasha Solten.


Original Publication Date: 1988
152 pgs - Cover by Verina
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Naked Times #21



   "It's no big deal, Spock.  Really."  Silence echoed back at him.  "You'd think this was a life or death situation, the way you're reacting."

   "It is important to you."  He paused, peering through the half-light.  "I wish you would… instruct me…"


A CHANGE OF SEASON by Charlotte Frost

   "I believe you need me here," Spock explained.  "But I also believe you wish me to leave."  He looked up timidly at the human, who was now on his knees and leaning partially over him.  "I do not know if I should stay… or go."


SPELLBINDER by Morgana October

   Looking up into the Vulcan's dark gaze, Kirk slipped the bond onto Spock's wrist.  "I think I'm under your spell, Mister Spock," he whispered.

   He had no recollection of falling head-long into the void of mystical stars, glittering like diamonds in the night.



   Spock sat down heavily, unable to meet the doctor's eyes.  "At 0305, the captain stumbled into my room, shirtless.  He was obviously inebriated.  Before I could say anything to him, he removed his boots and lay down on the bed beside me.  I attempted to rouse him, tell him he was in the wrong room, however…"  He gulped audibly.  "He now believes I was one of his… conquests…"


DÉTENTE by M.J. Merica (the 2nd epilogue to THE CONSORTIUM series)

   "Oddly, Spock, the fact that Chekov let a Vulcan die in the throes of pon farr is only the second reason I don't like him."

   A brow lifted.

   "What is the first?"

   "He's a Russian," Kirk said flatly.



   The Vulcan turned to face Kirk, keeping his voice low.  "You left your cell in the company of my counterpart.  You lied to me."

   Kirk tensed to fight.  "You don't even want an explanation?"

   "No.  We are finished," the Vulcan stated…

ALSO WORK BY Alexis Fegan Black, Marilyn Coile, Jackie Zoost,  Virginia Lee Smith, Carol Pierce, Siobahn, Robin Hood, Cybel Harper, Kimberly Sara Huntington, Dana Austin Marsh, Bonita Kale, Tere Ann Roderick and more.


Original Publication Date: 1988
154 pgs - Cover by Zoost

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