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Naked Times #22


IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE by Addison Reed

   "You have allowed yourself to be manipulated into accepting the lustful advances of an opportunist human," Sarek stated.  "I shall see to it that such undesirable tendencies are removed by the Healers."

   "Father…"  Spock was finding it difficult to regain his mental balance, to focus on the unraveling conversation and not on the incredible event that had just changed his life forever.  The bond.  Alive… growing.  "Captain Kirk was…"

   "Captain Kirk's name shall not be spoken in this house again, Spock.  You shall see to it that he leaves immediately…"


ENDYMION by Susan Douglass

   I am the product of the Empire; I know where contacts can be found for unpleasant tasks.  Striding down the street, I found the hovel of Orion pirates I had hired a few times before.

   "Capture him," I whispered, as in a fever, "just for one night.  Use him, the way he used that woman.  Then return him to me.  That will suffice, I believe…"

   Two nights later, I await his return.  Perhaps the bond could be reaffirmed after all…


MIND GAMES by Rachel and Cassandra

   "We intend you no harm.  When the eight specified hours have passed, we will release you.  What you intend to do in those eight hours is up to you.  I'll even leave you a key to your bonds."  The Klingon tossed it onto the bed.  "My only hope is that we are entertained by your actions.  We certainly do not wish to stay in the same room with an uncontrolled Vulcan."  The tall Klingon commander left, laughing…


GOLDEN PEOPLE by Sharon St. James

   Kirk desperately tried to fight his way back to consciousness, terrified by what had happened to him.  He again saw the golden eyes of the statue slowly open.  A prisoner, he was being held captive by the sightless orbs, unable to move away.  And then there was a presence entering his mind, his soul.

   Do not struggle.  A whispered mind-thought.  Suddenly he was enveloped by warmth, a grater sense of inner peace than he had ever known…


ALSO WORK BY  Dana Austin Marsh, Rachel Cavendish, Shellie Whild, Peter Silverton, Sarah B. Leonard, Virginia Lee Smith, Dragon, Pierce and more.

Original Publication Date: 1989
154 pgs - Cover by Marilyn Cole


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Naked Times #23


THOSE WHO COMMAND by Pheadra Merin Jones 

  "Bring me the new human," Commander Spock ordered, leaning back in the chair behind his desk and looking up at Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy.  "If he resists, sedate him and deliver him to my quarters bound." 

  The doctor fidgeted.  "He is the captain, Mister Spock," he pointed out meekly…


ONE POSSIBILITY by Marilyn Lansford

  When Spock turned back to the center of the room, he caught sight of the command gold in the corner and moved toward Kirk.  Halfway there, he heard Uhura's laughter bubble out and watched as she sat back in her chair and placed one hand on the captain's arm.  She was speaking softly, and it appeared, with obvious intimacy…


THE CONTRACT by Dana Autsin Marsh 

  "This contract was prepared by Mister Moralli who, of course, has Commander Spock's best interests in mind.  The contract is, therefore, slanted in such a way as to favor his interests.  To put it simply, as it stands now, in the case of a separation, all of your assets would be subject to a claim by the commander, while his are fully protected from any claim by you," D'Arney warned 

  "How the hell could he do that?" Kirk asked in confusion.

  "Paragraphs 2(a) and 6(c) are how, Captain Kirk…"



  Finally Kirk was able to understand the words and he gaped at the holo in disbelief.  It couldn’t be true… not Spock.  Why?  The Vulcan addressing an unseen person as he repeated again and again, "Captain Kirk is not that important to me.  I will not risk the ship to search for him."

  "Why Spock? Kirk murmured, reaching toward the hologram…



Original Publication Date: 1989
158 pgs - Cover by Marilyn Cole


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Naked Times #24


MAIL CALL by Sky Wrighter 

  "I did not intend to wake you.  I have been listening to my mail.  It seems that Mistress T'Pau and my parents have at last succeeded in procuring a mate for me."  "What?"



  Spock watched as a young human lad moved stealthily toward the stall where he had just purchased an ewalla.  The fat shopkeeper was busy trying to impress a housewife with his fine, yellow vuis, and did not notice the thin arm, the bony fingers reaching for a bruised gymm that lay discarded on the ground…


DREAM PARK by Shelley Butler 

  Kirk was amazed at the likeness.  After all, if that recalcitrant Vulcan wasn't going to be here with him, he'd make his own Spock.  So he had concentrated deeply and intensely when he'd beamed down to the isolated part of the Dream Park.  And now this dark, mysterious Vulcan stood before him, exuding power and charisma.  And still that same sense of foreboding that made Kirk want to run…


BARGAINS by Rachel Abbot 

  "My price," Spock said slowly, is your Pledge -- that you will come to me."  He moved closer, his nostrils flaring with the provocative scent of his chosen warrior.  "That you will come to me when I summon you, and do what is then required of you."  Kirk didn't like that sound of that at all…


ANSWER IN THE PAST by Jean Gabriel 

  "Captain, according to what I have been able to ascertain, Janus truly believed that he and Rolan were twin souls.  He was convinced they had lived together in previous lives and would be together again."  His eyes bored into Kirk's.  "Tell me, Captain.  When two people share such a sameness, a oneness, does it matter so much that they were both male?"


SUNRISE by Patricia Laurie Stephens

   The first thing they heard as they departed the lift to the visual and auditory labs was Spock's screaming.  Kirk took off at a dead run toward the awful sound and no one made a move to stop him.  The Vulcans working on the unit seemed to be stunned by the din and stood staring through the doorway at the battle being fought within.


ALSO WORK BY poetry by Cybel Harper, Dovya Blacque, Crystal Hart & Alexis Fegan Black


Original Publication Date: 1990
160 pgs - Cover by Butler


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Naked Times #25



"Oh, Spock, don't you know that love isn't about control?  Love is about trust.  Don't you trust me enough to risk giving up your control with me?  Don't you know I'd never hurt you?"  "That is not the point," Spock said, staring down at his steepled fingers.


CASE STUDIES by Sue Denim 

JAMES: Well, as it so happened, when he revealed to me his 'equal desire', and that he actually considered me his partner-of-choice!  Of course, I was shocked, for all that it was exactly the same thing I was secretly thinking about him.  How did this come about you ask?  Well, we were in the ship's gymnasium…


STEADFAST by Adrian Alexander 

  "We need to talk."  Kirk boldly laid a hand on Spock's arm.  "Do we?" Spock straightened and threw the last of the pebbles in his hand into the water.  He hopped down off the rock and faced his friend.  "What you do when off duty is none of my business, but as a friend, I remind you of the regulations regarding sexual fraternization between junior and senior officers.  You could be jeopardizing your career."  Kirk shook his head.  "And I thought talking to you about this was going to be difficult…"


AWAKENING by Anna Parrish  

  Why should I feel this way about the captain?  Other crewmembers have become lost, kidnapped.  I aided in their search, yet I did not become so -- emotionally involved in their disappearance.  Why then do I -- feel -- this way about -- Jim?  It would not be until early in the morning that the answer would come to him, so strong and so undeniable that it woke him from a sound sleep…



  "Besides, having sex at seven-year cycles isn't my idea of a satisfying love life."  In fact, Kirk's current sporadic sex life was nothing to brag about.  McCoy finally exploded.  "Well I'll be damned!  You're incredible, Jim -- incredibly stupid, that is.  First, I'm very surprised to discover that you're hung up on penis size.  Just 'cause you got a nice one doesn't mean…"


ALSO WORK BY Frankel, Hopkins, K'ris, Black


Original Publication Date: 1991

154 pgs, cover by Butler



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Naked Times #26



  They moved toward the pavilion but turned off in the direction of the house when they were less than halfway there.  But it was close enough for Kirk to see the beach goers.  Close enough to see that they were naked.  Suddenly uncomfortable, but not wanting to make a scene, he bit his tongue and turned his attention toward the row of buildings they were approaching.  Spock not only saw the change in his companion's expression, he felt the sudden withdrawal.  "Whey didn't you tell me this was a nude beach?" Kirk demanded…


UNHOLY FANTASY by Tiberius Tomcat

  The uniform that is the sign and symbol of command soon replaces the old.  I take medals from the crumpled river of blue material on the floor and affix them to the glowing gold material that now adorns your chest.  I look longingly at them.  I surely would never receive any such honor as a slave.  I must now be content with the recognition given to you.  So long as you permit me to serve, I will rejoice in your achievements as if they were my own…



  "Spock, I could swear I heard voices -- see I did hear them."  Kirk trusted Spock's fidelity completely, as he slid McCoy's heterosexual preference.  But the sign of another man, not only in bed with, but snuggled into one of his favorite positions with his Vulcan, shot feelings of jealousy through Kirk's body with a velocity he wouldn't have believed possible…


EYE TO EYE by Karla Kelly 

  Sitting in the command chair, Kirk's mind swirled.  Various scenarios for seduction were discarded as implausible.  Why does Spock want to watch me make love to someone?  The question chased itself around and around his confused mind.  And how do I find out?  Without destroying what we already have, how do I find out?


MIRRORED PASSION by Shelley Butler 

  And now into his universe came this human, daring to tear apart his kingdom, to devastate the perfect order of his world.  And yet the thought of succumbing to this man was almost irresistible.  So as he carefully removed his hand from the paradise of Kirk's mind, the feelings that he had held dominion over for so long came pouring forth in a torrent and he was helpless for the first time in his life.


THE MARRIAGE by Gena Moretti & Anna Parrish 

  The sound of drums, and of low, almost inaudible chanting, filled the room.  The Vulcan caught a slight movement out the corner of his eye and pivoted rapidly.  It was M'Benga -- an almost totally nude M'Benga.  He wore feathers over his genitals and that was all.  His dark face was painted white and there were red and blue stripes on his cheekbones.  He carried a deformed rattle of snake skin and bits of bone.  The Vulcan shuddered but he began to disrobe.  In the dimness, the darkening of his flesh did not show.  When he was unclothed, he held his pants in front of his genitals.  M'Benga jerked them out of his hand and threw them in the corner as the ritual began.  Now the love potion could be made.

Original Publication Date: 1991
156 pgs - Cover by Butler


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Naked Times #27


QUESTIONS by Marina Alverez 

A concussion.  Yes.  It must be that.  Certainly I have been struck upon the head with love and must now be insane.  As my eyes survey these words, I can only stare with stunned disbelief.  I am a Vulcan…



  Using the only remaining undamaged bunk as a springboard, Spock leaped for the overhead bars, caught and clung to the rods.  The gymnastic technique was well practiced by now. The anti-tampering system kicked in again, promptly sparking a charge into his fingertips.  He dropped to the floor to massage his tingling digits.  "Damn!"  He had already used all the colorful metaphors he knew and was into recycling old favorites…


A DREAM WALKING by Anna Parrish & Karla Kelly 

  Spock stiffened, cutting himself off from Kirk's thoughts.  There is a logical explanation for this strange behavior!  Each time he has walked in his sleep, it was following threats to my health.  He has come here to reassure himself that I am well.  Never in his life had anyone cared so much for him.  Unconsciously, he tightened his hold on the human, welcoming the responsive sigh.


PSYCHIC STORM by Alexis Fegan Black 

  "In other words," Kirk said, slowly beginning to understand, "having forty-two Vulcan passengers on board is like having a telecomm blasting in your ear all the time."

   "Not precisely," Spock murmured.  "If it were like a telecomm, it would be as if there were forty-two telecomms, each attuned to a different frequency and each transmitting at varying intervals.  As a result, I have discovered that my own ability to shield against the intrusion has been severely curtailed.  As a result of my inadequacy, apparently you are experiencing these… dreams."


ALSO WORK BY Anna Parrish, Monica Voile, Natasha Solten, Kalen Storm, Virginia Lee Smith, A.M. Berman

Original Publication Date: 1991
186 pgs - Cover by Zoost

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Naked Times #28


LOVE'S FINAL WISH by Vary Higgonbottom

  His name was James Kirk.  Spock had used his Starfleet access code to enter into the personnel records of Starbase Four.  There had been two Jims working there at the proper time, but one was in his sixties.  The Jim he wanted lived on Earth.  His father's name was George Samuel Kirk, deceased; his mother was named Winona, still living and making her home on Earth.  Winona Kirk?  Was she the writer Winona Kirk?  There was nothing further on Jim's personnel files about her.  He probed the writer, reading all the news releases available.  There was a great deal of material available on the novelist…

  Instead of commending Kirk for his ingenuity in re-programming the Kobayashi Maru, Starfleet cans him instead - at which point the illustrious starship-captain-to-be-no-more must choose another career.  He decides to become a writer…



  Once beneath the hot water of the shower, Kirk found himself wondering if their ongoing passion had gotten lost, (or maybe just misplaced?) somewhere in the last few years.  Whatever it was - time, daily living, or their ingrained knowledge of each other -- Kirk was feeling the effects of erosion on the edges of their once great physical need of each other.  At the moment, it seemed terribly important that the fall into a state of comfortable passion did not happen to them.  But right now, he was too tired to figure out how to do anything about it.  Three solid weeks, countless hours of negotiations, committee meetings, and drafting terms was enough to give him a permanent migraine, along with a near-desperate need for his bed and the blessed oblivion of peaceful, quiet hours of sleep.


Originally slated to appear in THE 25TH YEAR, but not included because the story was misplaced by the US Postal Service for several weeks, MORE THAN YESTERDAY, LESS THAN TOMORROW is a poignant little story about misplaced passion, lost years, and the need to recapture what time seems to have stolen away…


ALSO WORK BY Robin Hood, Kalen Storm, Syret Knight, Seane Malone & Morgana Coldcreek, Kay Wells

Original Publication Date: 1992
161 pgs - Cover by Marilyn Cole


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Naked Times #29


APARTHEIDAL DEGREE by Annie Rooney & Anna Parrish 

  His had did not leave the white face of James Kirk.  "He is dying," Spock said to his father.  Sarek did not reply.  "I wish to say goodbye to him.  May I be allowed to do this in private?"  Why was his heart aching so?  The bond could not be that strong.  Spock realized then that the pain was caused by an odd thing called love, that the bonding had sprung into being by that very same human emotion.  The happiness earlier, the feeling of peace, had also been created by that feeling.  How could anything bring such joy and so much agony…?


THE SECRET OF SHARING by Sara Christian & Anna Parrish 

  Kirk sees me and tries to sit up, though McCoy and Chapel hold him down.  He growls at them, threatens them, but they, as normal, refuse to listen.  He scowls and settles back, but the anger in his hazel eyes when they turn toward me makes me hesitate at the doorway.

   "You gave me a nerve pinch!" Kirk accuses.

   "I did," I agree calmly as I move to stand in front of his bed.  I place my hands behind my back and hold on for dear life…



  "A true bonding!  A bond that would last forever… It's not love and good times that will hold us together, Spock; it's those moments of shared adversity that will make us stronger, that will allow our love to endure - and you took that chance away from us, don't you see?  You've made everything too easy, too safe.  You ran away from the challenge, condemning us to a half-life together.  Would you do the same if you had a Vulcan mate instead?"


EMPIRE REWARDS (A "Mirror" novella) by Merita Seda 

   "Get out of my sight, Marlena!" Kirk shouted, motioning the cringing woman from his quarters.

   The door had opened so suddenly Spock was nearly bumped off his feet when the disheveled woman rushed past him.  He caught a glimpse of tears, cosmetic streaks and a reddened handprint marring her cheek.  The Vulcan stiffened, disgusted with Kirk's brutalizing someone so much weaker than himself.  He stroke into the office, surveying the general disarray - tapes littering the deck.  He avoided stepping on anything and stopped in front of the desk, swept bare except for an open whiskey bottle.

   "What do you want?" Kirk sipped his straight whiskey, well aware of the Vulcan's glaring disapproval.

   Spock inhaled deeply, damping his awareness of Kirk's angry, yet worried aura.  "I came to offer my assistance.  Obviously, there is a problem…"


ALSO WORK BY Dragon, Robin Hood, Jamie Belle

Original Publication Date: 1992
166 pgs - cover by Butler


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Naked Times #30



  Kirk was out of the chair like a shot, the table between them overturned; fists flailing, legs and feet kicking, he madly wrestled with Spock and got him down, desperate to make contact with his mouth.  "Damn you, Spock!" he shouted.  "Give it back to me, you thief!" he screamed, unthinking, fighting his mate for all he was worth.  "What do you want from me?" Spock countered.  "Tell me!" he shouted hoarsely.  "My shit!" Kirk yelled back the truth before he could stop himself…



  Rubbing his temples, Kirk tried to alert Spock of his need through their bond, but he couldn't tell if the other was aware of his anxiety.  Spock was still at home, no doubt, where he should have been -- but for his stubborn insistence upon surprising his mate with the artifact he'd admired yesterday.  If not for that, he'd be closely snuggled with Spock right now, not shivering alone in the gathering dark.  Vulcan night lent an eerie glow to the sky overhead.



  Spock, a name that was alien and familiar and made him ache with desire, yet he fought it down, concentrating on his injuries instead.  His knuckles were sore.  His cheek twinged as if burned, the long fingernail scratches throbbing at his touch.  Yet the pain made him feel more alive, every inch of is body moved by the exciting danger of discovery, here, in the Vulcan's cabin…


EXTRA OIL, LIGHT BUTTER, WHIPPED CREAM ON THE SIDE (and hold that angst, Ma'am!) by Alexis Fegan Black  

  Kirk had only seen holo-copies of the books -- a tattered, half destroyed thing with no cover (mercifully).  But in the few pages that had survived in the 23rd century, he'd read and memorized his part well: CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK, STARSHIP COMMANDER, WOMANIZER, PROTECTOR OF THE GALAXY, AND GUARDIAN OF THE VIRGINITY OF HIS OWN MELON-FOUND LITTLE ASS.  (In reality, of course, it wasn't altogether true.  His ass was more like two grapefruit halves than a melon).  He looked up so see Spock regarding him.  "Actually, Captain," the Vulcan said, "the correct terminology is 'fanzine'.  Yet even though you and I appear as seemingly fictional characters, the characterization from fanzine to fanzine is extremely… diverse.  For example, in As I Do Thee…"


SWEET SIXTEEN (an a/u fairytale) by Kaylan Storm 

  "Please -- please just let me go!" Jamie Kirk wailed, wishing she could remember the person she'd been, the world she had come from.  "I haven't done anything! I don't belong here!"  "Save your sad tales for the other fair-haired maidens," the man with the pointed ears interrupted.  "I have no time for dry your tears, and the sooner we begin your training, the better.  I'll warn you that any resistance will only earn you extra time with the paddle, so if you were considering kicking or resisting, thin twice…"



  "Comfortable?" Kirk asked softly, moving one leg aside as Spock inserted a knee between his.  "I wished to hear your heartbeat," Spock explained, one hand resting on Kirk's chest.  "It is as comforting a sound as that of your breathing…"


FICTION/POETRY/ART by Belle, Parrish, Black, Solten and others.


Original Publication Date: 1993
152 pgs - Cover by Alayne


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Naked Times #31


GHOST FIRE by J.S. Cavalcante 

Kirk's hands were warm on Spock's shoulders.  The Vulcan stared into the concerned face for long moments, trying to remember.  In a moment, his memory clicked in, images swirling into his brain all at once, like the rushing water.  He remembered the black water, sucking the last of his strength from his limbs, dragging him down.  A loose tree limb floating by, striking him a glancing blow and then rushing past before he could grab it.  The water closing over his head.  The ghostly face, the building behind her seen right through her skin.  The madness.  The fire of pon farr, burning him, burning for Jim…


CHOICES by Karla Kelly 

  Mesmerized, Uhura watched as Kirk's hand undid the Vulcan's robe, his smile broadening, challenging.  Spock stood as silent as space.  Lost in the spell cast by darkness and stars and the captain's special magic, Uhura watched the human's hand caress the vein in Spock's throat, slide under the robe, pushing it from one shoulder, tangling in a mat of chest hair before rising to trace a clavicle, forcing the garment off the other shoulder…


FLASHBACK by Karla Kelly

   Spock stared down at the lifeless for of his captain.  For one brief moment in time, the ancient drives of his ancestors overcame the abhorrence and revulsion he knew he'd be feeling in mere seconds.  When sanity returned, it brought the nausea and loathing.  It did not bring Kirk back to life…


HOME BY THE SEA by Natasha Solten 

  Before Earth, things had been going quite well since their relationship had developed into a physically/mentally intimate one.  During the last two years of their five year mission, both had shared a love neither had ever known.  The caliber of that love had been stunning.  The capacity within each man for soul-stirring discovery, whether it was among the stars on exploration surveys or in each other's arms, was astounding.  Their compatibility quotient, or CQ as Kirk referred to it, went beyond calculation.  Until the mission ended.  Until Kirk was sent back to a sterile office and bloated desk with officious assistants and the heavy 'burden-of-honor' admiral's stripes.  That was what Kirk called his 'unusual-for-one-so-young' promotion.  "An admiral?" he'd scoffed, unimpressed with the treasure chest of awards the higher ups had bestowed upon him.  "What am I supposed to do as an admiral at age 38?  I want to run.  I need to feel the wind at my back.  I demand starlight on the port bow, meteor showers at starboard."


K/S 101 by Alexis Fegan Black 

  An essay on the techniques, tricks and traps of K/S writing.  Included are sections such as: "Why write K/S?", "Plotting The Dirty Deed", "It's Been Done Before", and "Oh No!  They Won't Get In Bed"

   A hopefully helpful article for anyone who writes K/S, wants to write K/S, or simply enjoys reading it.


FICTION/POETRY/ART by Patt, Black and others


Original Publication Date: 1993
150 pgs - Cover by Butler


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Naked Times #32


REQUITAL by J.S. Cavalcante

   It is late, very late in gamma watch when he comes to my door. I know instantly who it is, and I open the door before he speaks.  "Christine."  He stands in my doorway in the shadows of ship's night, the answer to every dream and hope I've ever had… "Christine, I have come to -- " "I know.  You want to say you're sorry for what Henoch did.  It wasn't your fault."  He looks at me again.  "I know it is illogical.  I was not present; I could not prevent his actions.  Yet I know he used… my flesh, my Vulcan abilities, to v-violate you."


NO SENSE OF HUMOR by Anna Parrish

   "Hey, Spock," Kirk asked casually as the Vulcan massaged the human's neck and shoulder muscles.  "Yes?"  "How can you tell if a Klingon has been in your chiller?" Spock's hands stilled for a moment.  "Why would a Klingon be in our chiller?" "This is a joke."  "I see."


THE CRYSTAL GOD by Shelley Butler 

  …This captain needed Spock.  And Spock didn't know it.  So Kirk resorted to daydreams.  Nightdreams, too, if the previous night was any indication.  He could conjure up all the fanciful and exotic images he wanted and Spock would be none the wiser.  Hopefully none the wiser.  Kirk often wondered how much might be picked up by the sensitive Vulcan mind.  Sometimes, out of the blue, he would feel naked in front of Spock.  Naked as though he were proclaiming all his secrets out loud.



   Popping the lid on the Andorian Velvet box, he stared in breathless fear at the marriage band inside.  It was iridescent silver from the mines on Tarpegga.  Would Spock like it?  Was it too ornate?  Maybe it would be too small.  Maybe…  Maybe he won't accept it, Kirk thought in distressing honesty.


SPLENDOR by Dovya Blacque 

  "You're going where with who?"  "Whom."  "Shut up, Spock."  "Gentlemen," James T. Kirk smiled at his two best friends, hands raised in surrender.  "You heard me, Bones.  I’m going to Las Vegas with Spock."  "Why?" McCoy asked, his voice a hiss of disbelief.  But before Kirk could answer, the doctor turned on the figure sitting so still beside him.  "And why on earth are you going to Las Vegas?"


STYX & STONES by Alexis Fegan Black

   In many selfish ways, he hoped he would go first -- not only so the human would be spared the pain of separation and a severed bond, but because Spock knew that he could not have continued without his beloved.  If Kirk had gone first, they would have been quickly reunited, the Vulcan reasoned, for simple logic informed him that his own lifeforce would have terminated the moment he sensed the human's crossing from physical life into whatever reality of oblivion was to come next.


FICTION/POETRY/ART by Belle, Dawn, Hood, Cole


Original Publication Date: 1994
158 pgs - Cover by Butler


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For Pat Stall

...and all the others who walked the path at our sides for awhile and have now left this earth to journey among the stars. 

We have listed here those of whom we are aware.  Please email us to tell us of others, so we may add them to this inadequate but heartfelt memoriam.

Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy, Majel Barret-Roddenberry, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Anton Yelchin, Grace Lee Whitney, Joan Winston, Toni Cardinal-Price, Nancy Kippax, Janet Rose, Chris Soto, Stacey Doyle

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Getting hotter.  Multiple sex scenes, and sex described in explicit terms.

Three Flames
Time for a cold shower. While all our titles may be described as male/male erotica, our 3-flamers are more explicitly written.  No matter the number of flames, all our titles are tastefully presented erotica, crafted by established professional writers.

Try some of our samplers! K/S, Wiseguy, Blake's 7!

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