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The 25th Year


It is the night of a special anniversary - the 25th anniversary of James Kirk and Mr. Spock.  After a quiet dinner party with close friends, the couple begins to reminisce about their lives together.  In the true spirit of celebration, fandom's absolute best have pulled together to create a truly masterful work, over a year in the making.  Writers include: A.F. Black, N. Solten, D. Blaque, Jane Mailander, Addison Reed, M. Fae Glasgow, S. Denim, Kay Wells, Charlotte Frost, Venisa Il Duvetyn, Jean Hinson, Patricia Laurie Stephens and others.  Artists include: Deeb, KOZ, Marilyn Cole, Jackie Zoost, Kay Wells, Virginia Lee Smith, Sarah B. Leonard, Cooper, Dragon, Sioban and others.  Poets include: K'Ris, Donna Vanderlaan, Robin Hood and others.


FIRE-DARE by Alexis Fegan Black (Amok Time)

   "Fuck logic!" Kirk exploded.  He'd gotten through the day telling himself McCoy was wrong.  He'd gotten through the afternoon telling himself lies.  He couldn't get through the night on logic.  "Dammit, Spock," he swore again, "logic has precious little to do with this!  You've spent your life working to achieve your goals.  Do you mean to tell me that logic dictates you should just crawl in bed and die now?  You've saved my life more times than I can count.  You've saved the ENTERPRISE more times than I care to think about!  Do you honestly believe it's logical to just give up?"  So much for his resolve not to let anger intrude.


A ROOM WITHOUT WINDOWS by Addison Reed (Journey To Babel)

    "Spock, if we can't share with each other those things that trouble us most, where does that leave us?  We keep circling each other like we were in some ritual dance that's never complete.  Confiding our problems and our fears - as well as the good times - is what it takes to make us whole."  Kirk leaned forward, his voice dropping until it was almost a whisper.  "Eventually, we're going to get tired of dancing and I don't want to see that happen."  He paused, touching the Vulcan's arm.  "Pon farr isn't still troubling you, is it?"


THE DARKER SPIRIT by Natasha Solten (Requiem for Methuselah)

    When Raphael finally pulled away, Kirk fell to his side, his hip scraping dirt and grass.  Boot steps retreated in the sand down by the stream.  Then, after a brief silence, a voice called up to him from the distance.  "I don't work here - and my name is not Raphael.  You will never find me again.  Pretend this never happened, if that makes you feel better."  In shock, Kirk pulled his torn clothing over himself…

PANDORA'S BOX by M. Fae Glasgow (Gol…)

     Stop.  Think.  I am Vulcan.  I am logical.  My bondmate gives nothing to the bond.  All of it, everything that I am, disappears inside him and he give me none of himself back.  Just blackness, darkness, this hungry maw sinking into all the nurturing and the love I can give him.  This, then, is the answer to why he wil lnot listen when I decline to hurt him as he wishes to be hurt.  This, then is the reason he still wanders whenever fancy takes him.  He does those things because he has no reason not to.  He is giving nothing into the bond, only this miniscule opening through which he feeds…



    He didn't plan on it.  In fact, it given the opportunity to state his opinion on the possibility of such a reaction coming from him, Kirk would have laughed at the astronomical odds.  But there he stood, knuckles stinging, looking down at Spock ,who was now horizontal on the deck, two long fingers tendering touching the spot on his chin where Kirk had just struck him.  "That," he said too quietly, "was for leaving without even saying goodbye!"


HOVERING by Patricia Laurie Stephens (ST: TWOK)

    Kirk thought about dying, and although the hovering part told him he was enjoying the thought a little, he considered how everyone would then know and say how much he had loved Spock.  He became sad at the thought of his own death, but it was an indulgent sadness that included imagining how sad the others would be; and although he was aware of it, this new kind of sadness overcame his sorrow for Spock.  His eyes filled a little, but even the hovering part did not allow him to cry; so instead of washing away this new sorrow for himself and, with it, some of the sorrow for Spock, he nurtured them both.  He planned how they would end together, and the planning was comforting…



    "We loved each other."  Kirk felt at a loss.  He shook his head in despair, reaching out to grasp Spock's hand.  "We loved each other," he repeated.

    Spock looked down at the human's fingers in growing dismay.  Floods of emotion welled up inside, so many and so strong they frightened him.  He removed his hand from the clasp, then shot upward.  "Please leave."  Why did the room seem so small?  There was no air…



    Both grew quiet within the link as Spock began probing his own mind, laying himself entirely open.  Down through his mind he searched until at last reaching the area where their bond had been anchored.  In Jim's mind, he had found the half healed wound from the tearing of the bond, but in his own, he found a growing stump.  Kirk's joy again threatened the Vulcan's concentration, but this time the human held it at bay, recognizing the importance of Spock's discovery.


THE STARS OF HOME by Jean Hinson (ST: TFF)

    After a few moments of frantic shinnying, trying to ignore the rough bark painfully scraping his bare chest and arms, Kirk dared a downward glance.  The irate grizzly was upright, both massive front paws against the tree trunk, glaring up at him with huge yellow teeth bared.  She stood at least seven feet tall.



    "For me?" Kirk asked, all innocence, when Spock sat down and handed him a small box.  But as he carefully cracked the lid and peeked inside, his brows narrowed with deeper curiosity.  Impulsively, he laid the lid aside and lifted out the perfectly formed, utterly flawless crystal.  It fit perfectly into the palm of his hand - cool and warm at the same time.  Power.  Light.  Infinity itself.  "A starship's heart," he murmured, his eyes filling.


Approximately 275 pages, printed in dual columns and slightly reduced.  This zine is the equivalent of four regular issues of NAKED TIMES, presented in a professional, easy-to-read format.


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Fever #1


FEVER is a K/S anthology in which all the stories deal with the pon farr - the Vulcan biological mating imperative which occurs once very seven years.  Since FEVER is a K/S zine, all stories center around how Kirk and Spock must face this time of mating - the before, the during and the aftermath.  There were two issues of Fever.


A New Light by Patricia Laurie Stephens

    Spock looked at Kirk and pushed the shaggy black hair from his eyes, smearing dirt across his face.  "You knew me when I was well?"

    "Yes.  Yes, I did.  We… were good friends."

    "I don't remember.  I forgot everything you know," Spock said quietly.

    "Yes.  I know.  I'm sorry."

    "So am I.  It's hard to learn how to do things, and I make a lot of mistakes."  The black eyes widened curiously.  "Will you tell me how I was?"

    How he was.  How it had been between them before…


Deadly Fever by A.T. Bush


    Kirk heaved a sigh.  Spock had picked up on something.  "Yes!  Live!  I want you to live."

    "I want to live… to be with…"  The Vulcan slumped into total unconsciousness.

    Kirk struggled to control real panic.  "Spock?  Spock!  Don't die!  Don't…"

    There was no further response.  And might never be…


Pride And Prejudice by Dana Austin Marsh

    "These are but human and, therefore, cannot comprehend the steps thee have taken here today," T'Pau began

    Kirk's eyes widened in disbelief.  The old crone knew he and Spock had been lovers for five years.  What the hell was she going on about?

    T'Pau gestured and a tall woman, previously unnoticed, stepped forward.  "T'Kara is chosen by the clan to serve Spock in his time of need.  If thy bond survives the mating and no child results, he will be free to return to you…"


Easier Said Than Done by Sue Denim

    Everything was a blur…  Kirk barely recalled each point of the speech he was to make, yet he began to talk anyway, figuring he just might be able to pull the whole thing off - but as he opened his mouth, before any words came out, he felt it.

    Pain!  Unendurable agony!  Indescribable heat and lust.  A sharp stab of the blood fever attacked Spock without warning or mercy, causing him to fall to the deck of his cabin as, in the StarDome, Kirk nearly doubled in pain, fighting to keep from clutching his stomach in complete synchronization with his bondmate…


Love Is by Kay Wells

    "Then we shall destroy your ship.  I will not be taken for a fool!"

    "Wait!" Uhura cried desperately.  "Most of our bridge crew were eight killed or critically wounded when you attacked us!"

    He studied her determined face.  "Your captain and first officer were injured?"

    "No," she said meekly, trying to think of a way to stall for time.  It had only been five minutes since Spock had activated the privacy screen, and he and Kirk had taken almost twenty minutes the last time…


The Healing by Patricia Laurie Stephens

    Nude, he was even more impressive.  Black body hair covered his chest and stomach down to his groin, where his huge thick organ lay heavily along his thigh.  Jimmy's eyes widened.  He had a good idea of what was going to happen.

    He liked 'doing it'.  Ginny Turner, a girl who outweighed him by at least thirty pounds, took him into her barn after the dance last month and let him put it into her.  He wanted to do it all the time now.  Humans were bisexual.  They taught that in school; but was he ready for this?


ART by Marilyn Cole.  PLUS work by Smith, Marsh, Cavendish, Leonard, Frankel, Deeb, Blacque, Black and more.



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Fever #2


Mistaken Identity by Kay Wells

   Cautiously, he pulled open the heavy door and peered into the room.  Intense heat and an unfamiliar odor swamped his senses.  The room was darker than the others and equally furnished, but not empty.  On the mattress lay a figure, back to the door.  Kirk studied the sleek black hair and pointed ear that he could see.  The rest of the body was covered in a loose coarsely-woven, dull gray fabric.  Sweat broke out over his entire body, quickly gathering in the hollows and creases to run in uncomfortable rivultes under his clothing.

   "Spock?" he called.  He couldn't believe his friend had subjected himself to this - whatever "this" was, instead of coming to him…


The Fire by Shelley Butler

   Spock only stood, looking out at some unseen image, perhaps contemplating the dive into the water.  He stood, frozen there by the pool, the mist from heated water rising and dancing about his feet, the lights delicately on the steam coming from his over-heated body…


Bonfire by Robin Hood

   A vision nipped into my soul last night.  A man, eyes blazing black with a burning desert heart, stood before my befuddled eyes and waited for an answer.  The question, I didn't know.  Fear ate into my gut with delicious zines of anticipation.  Expectation of what I still didn't know.

   Something about him, a spark of the unknown, attractive fear, the heat radiating from his blood-taut body drew me, made me want to touch and see if my fingers burned from the brush of his skin…


Winds of Chance by Gina Moretti

   As Kirk visibly brightened, Spock apprehensively added, "There is, however, a difficulty you will face which I am sure will not be to your liking.  Your records have made it clear that you have previously used your considerable attraction to indulge in a very full sexual life.  After we bond, sexual freedom will no longer be yours…


Portrait of Freedom by Alexis Fegan Black

   "Why - why me?" he insisted.  "Why didn't you choose someone - else?"

   The Vulcan studied him fondly.  "There is no other.  T'Leish tells me we have always been together.  I know you do not understand Vulcan mysticism, yet I accept her words as truth.  Indeed, if I did not, I would not have sent my operatives so far to bring you here."


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Otherwhere/Otherwhen #1

An Alternate Universe K/S Fanzine


House Of One Thousand Jewels by Susan Douglass  Lord S'pock gazes at me.  His midnight eyes are pools of sorrow, hisf ace flushes green. He removes my clutching hands and lays my shivering body upon the bed.  He is silent.  The flowing strands of his hair ripple across his broad shoulders.  I cannot go to him.  I cannot burden him with my misfortunes.  I am nothing to him.  I am only a whore, a warm, passionate creature to satisfy his lusts for a night…


The Trolian Bridge by Anna Parrish  Kirk watched Spock whenever he could.  Peace filled the human.  The only thing wrong was the guilt he felt.  No matter how hard he tried to tell himself that there was no real wrong in what he was doing, he didn't believe it.  The chances of the other Kirk still being alive were slim.  Still, this is my body now, he thought as he ran his hands over it…


The Captain's Boy by Patricia Laurie Stephens  "You'll like swimming," Kirk said enthusiastically.  Stormy was horrified.  Kirk had been planning a little romantic interlude in the surf, but under the circumstances, changes his mind.  Miserable looking little bastard, he thought as he rubbed the towel roughly over protruding bones an shivering, greenish flesh…


Lost In The Mirror by Sharon Pillsbury  Kirk looked toward the science station, watched as Spock lifted a shaking hand to activate a control button.  Far too pale, thin to the point of emaciation, he wondered if the Vulcan had been eating at all.  At the end of each duty shift, Spock had gone directly to his cabin and remained there according to Farrell's report.  Kirk hadn't been in a position to know.  He, too, had sought the sanctuary of his own quarters, never leaving until it was time to report for duty.  Locking himself away, hiding from the pain.  Trying not to think of Spock…


POETRY by Janna Stele, Linda Frankel, Crystal Hart and A.F. Black

ART by Shellie Whild, Virginia Lee Smith, Carol A. Pierce and cover by Marilyn Cole.


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Otherwhere/Otherwhen #2

An Alternate Universe K/S Fanzine


Brief Encounter by Karla Kelly

   Slightly dizzy, Spock leaned against an antique street lamp, rechecking his physical systems.  The effects of the phaser stun seemed longer lasting than usual.  Perhaps something in the atmosphere worked to prolong the sense of dislocation.

   “Well, I never thought I’d see a Vulcan soliciting.”

   Spock looked up to see a sandy-haired human smiling warmly at him.  The human’s eyes raked his body with an intensity Spock could almost feel.  The uniform announced its wearer as Frist Officer of the REPUBLIC, a starship sharing this leave planet with the ENTERPRISE.  Before Spock could respond that he was not soliciting, the young man nodded sharply once, then said, “Come with me.  I just got paid, and whatever you charge, I bet you’re worth it…”


Second Chance - A novel by Patricia Laurie Stephens

   The five year mission of the Starship ENTERPRISE had come to an end.  The crew had gone their separate ways; some to promotions and new assignments, some to pick up the threads of their lives where they had been left a half-decade ago.  Kirk wondered if that were possible.  All those memories of danger and discover, of uplifting triumph and soul-breaking despair.  How easily could they be put aside?  They all thought that the deep friendships and loves forged among the stars would go on forever, but as with all things, life had a way of changing forevers…




   It was a stupid and pointless fight, as most of their fights seemed to be lately.  The appetizers had been screwed up, and he began snapping at the waiter, his irritation totally out of proportion to the mistake.  Ruth had stiffened, her eyes glazing over with the look that said: Oh please, not here, not again.  Jamie saw the look, recognized it, and didn’t care.  From that point on, he had nit-picked at every flaw in the service, every annoying distraction.  Several glasses of wine helped not at all.  By the end of the meal, his wife was sitting coldly, trying to restrain her own anger.  But on the way home, it all spilled out…




   Jamie had never really been alone, not in the way he was in this life.  He’d never felt what he was feeling now; a loneliness and longing that even the presence of friends could not appease.  And he, as Jim surely did, could never justify a marriage such as his parents had.  A marriage where one partner was gone for several years, then home for a few months, and leaving again.  So he had no choice but to go on alone, restoring his – Jim’s – reputation.  And he found himself understanding how Jim had paired up with the Vulcan; someone who was with him always, someone who could share every aspect of his life.  It must have been perfect.  So then, why had they broken up?


POETRY by Jamie Belle

ART by Marilyn Cole and Jamie Belle


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Otherwhere/Otherwhen #3

An Alternate Universe K/S Fanzine


The Gift by Anna Prrish

   “Sometimes second best is almost as good as the original,” a voice said from beside me.  I shifted my attention and saw a yojng man.  He was blond and sturdy, with twinkling hazel eyes and an unruly lock of hair that tickled his forehead.  I saw the resemblance between him and James Kirk immediately.  He looked like Jim did the very first time I saw him, the day he took over the ENTERPRISE.  His scent was so much like Jim’s my whole body tingled with awareness.  He grinned knowingly at me.  “You don’t know me, not exactly, but I’ve seen you around Starfleet Headquarters.”

   “Indeed?”  How odd to hear my timbre sound so composed…


Mirrored Passion Redux by Shelley Butler

(The short story appeared in NAKED TIMES #26 – now a novel based on that story…)

   He regarded the human with the pleasure of discovery.  For he was as aesthetically beautiful as his own captain, but with the intriguing difference of his innocence.  It was becoming too seductive, too beguiling.  He had to maintain control.  It was only by control that he had become so successful in the Empire.  By mastering any weakness and without the encumberance of emotional desire, he knew exactly how to govern others.

   And now into his universe comes this human who dares to tear apart his kingdom, to devastate the perfect order of his world.  And yet the thought of succumbing to this man was almost irresistible.  So as he carefully removed his hand from the paradise of Kirk’s mind, the feelings he had held dominion over for so long came pouring forth in a torrent and he was helpless for the first time in his life…


Hard Copy by Alexis Fegan Black

   When the Empire’s most infamous Vulcan had turned his back (gone to the head, actually), Kirk had palmed the disk and slipped it in the waistband of his trousers.  Maybe he’d been hoping that sinister Spock would catch him.  (He didn’t.)  Or maybe he’d been wondering if the Vulcan wanted him to take it.  (So he did.)  After all, he rationalized, it was just lying there, an open invitation sealed with a warning.

   Bait – especially to anyone who knew any version of James Kirk.


PLUS Marilyn Cole, Belle, Hood and others.



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Against All Odds

Tales of Triumph in the K/S Universe

Featuring one novel, one novelette, short stories


FOOD FOR THOUGHT by Shelley Butler

            Pulling back only slightly, it whispered, thick with desire, "Think of me.  Think of Gary Mitchell."  The hand rose to Kirk's face, blocking his sight by its shadow.  The probe invaded his mind as memories of Gary Mitchell poured out.  A deep, satisfied sigh echoed from somewhere…


ANCHORED by Kathy Stanis

            He wondered how much more there was to Spock's comforting than simply the intent to support.  Had Spock merely been studying up on human psychology in order to make himself a better first officer, or did that holding fulfill some need in him also?  These years together, Kirk had had many glimpses through the façade; he knew the Vulcan was inventing a unique self as he went along and knew his own influence had not been minimal…



            Spock had called it Oneness.  Kirk liked the sound of that.  "Yes - I want to do it," he said.

            "We will."  Spock sounded certain.  "But at present it is too dangerous for an… unmarried couple to attempt."

            Kirk retrieved a hand to wipe the dampness from his upper lip.  Marriage.  It was a subject they had not discussed - as was logical, for two who had been lovers only two months, he told himself.  Especially two who served in the same chain of command.  He decided to drop the subject.  "Okay, Spock."

            "Forgive me, Jim," Spock said, bending his head.  "I did not intend to disturb our… island in time."



            "Time is running out for all of us," Spock corrected, getting to his feet.  "The ITV's fuel-life is low.  We have already spent almost four days here in the past, and every day we remain lessens our chances to make our way home."  He pressed on, knowing the words must be said, that grave choices had to be made,  The future was before them, waiting.  "You belong to the future, Jim.  The choice is yours."

            "I can't…"  Kirk left the living room, unable to take it.  All along he'd held the belief they would come for him and finally it was so.  Spock and McCoy had traversed over three hundred years to bring him home.  But he was home, wasn't he?  Dazed, he retreated upstairs, a part of him cursing his bondmate's reappearance even though a  part of him was elated by the knowledge that the stars were suddenly within his grasp once more…


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Summer’s End by Ann Dru

   Spock lay on the towel and stretched his long legs.  He ran his fingers through his errant hair, then rolled onto his side to face Kirk.  His dark eyes locked with the human’s

   Neither spoke.  Neither looked away.  The electricity between them grew until seconds became minutes.  The cry of a sea-bird shattered the silence.


Trial by Monica Voile

   Spock turned to devote his full attention to Kirk.  “I do like it here.  However, I would like another location just as well – if you were there.”

   Kirk grinned with pleasure.  “I’m glad I’m still the main attraction.”

   “Always.”  Spock turned back to the view.  Jim Kirk had received enough compliments for the day.  Others would come more easily during the long night ahead.


Love With The Proper Vulcan by M.J. Merica

   The fingers slipped away from his face and Kirk plunged into black nothingness.  Total sensory deprivation.  At first he was merely surprised, then fear began creeping in.  Panic threatened.  He willed it away, clutching firmly to his love for Spock.  Spock would not desert him.  Spock would more heaven, Hell and oblivion to find him…


A Strange Conversation by Sharon Pillsbury

   “Frank inquired about my relationship with you.”

   Kirk frowned.  “What makes him think we had one?”

   “Possibly because after he made one too many comments regarding you, I threatened to break his neck.  He was then silent until you left the bar.


Temporarily In Amber Light by Dovya Blacque

   “You feel pleasure?  Contentment?” Kirk asked.

   Spock nodded.

   “Then you feel happy.”

   “Is that all there is to it?”



A Number of Reasons by Charlotte Frost

   Kirk smiled at the Vulcan.  “From now on, as long as we’re together, every evening before we go to bed, I’m going to give you a reason why I love you.”  He let that sink in, then added: “And I’ll never repeat myself.”

   Spock seemed dubious.  “Jim, if we remain together a great length of time, it will not be possible for you to come up with a different reason every night.”


War Games by Alexis Fegan Black

   It became a war.  On the bridge of the ISS ENTERPRISE Kirk would notice that his first officer would bend in a deliberately provocative manner, in the turbolift, the Vulcan would stand a few inches closer than necessary, the crisp alien cologne acting like a opiate on Kirk’s system.

   And Kirk found himself seeking the company of yeomen and officers.  He would begin his nightly seduction in full view of Spock, ensnaring his prey with discreetly flexed muscles and an occasional lick of his lips.  He would allow his hand to caress his dagger, fingertips stroking its dangerous edge with clear intent.

   The scariest part was that Kirk was no longer certain whether it was a war dance or a courtship…


ADDITIONAL FICTION by Robin Hood, Shauna Ann Mason, Faille, Brenda Joyce and more.

ART by Marilyn Cole, Kay Wells, Dragon, Smith, Zoost and others


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Tainted Water by Charlotte Frost

   “The ceiling is a most interesting mixture of colors.  I have never noticed that before,” Spock laughed again.

   You’ve never hallucinated before, either.  Kirk straightened and pulled on the other man’s arm.  “Come on, Spock, let’s get you into bed…


Anniversary by Rebecca D. Winter

   “Buy a kitten, mister?  They’re genuine Terran; the parents have papers.  We breed them ourselves.”  Bright-faced and eager, the children couldn’t have been more than ten.  One, already a shrewd salesman, thrust a kitten into Kirk’s arms.  He quickly gave it back.

   “No, that’s okay.  I can’t have a kitten.”  But as he spoke, the creature began to purr…


A Matter of Trust by Rachel and Cassandra

   “I have been patient for one sign of gratitude, one sign of friendship.  What do I receive?  Accusations and threats.  When I met your double from the parallel universe, I actually envied my own counterpart.  Here was the man you could have been – loyal, caring – “

   Kirk suddenly found himself jealous of a man he had never seen.  “If you liked him so much, why didn’t you just keep him?” he asked bitterly…


Nepenthe by L.P. Santos

   With the acute hearing of his ancestors, Spock listened to the slight sounds from their shared room.  Rising from the table, he moved toward the large picture window, waiting as he friend moved about in the next room.  When all seemed in order, Kirk re-entered the kitchen.  With suitcases in hand, he glanced around in a contemplative stance.

   “I’ll send for my other things,” the human said in a controlled voice…


Seeing Is Believing by Kay Wells

   “Just what is it going to take?” Kirk asked, a touch of anger creeping in his voice.  “Ghod, Bones, this is so important to me.  You’re our best friend.  I was hoping to get your blessing before we made a general announcement…”

   McCoy didn’t believe for a second that his captain and first officer were lovers…


Trial by Monica Voile

   Kirk silenced the open moth with a fingertip.  “Hear me out, Spock.  What I propose is – we have three days of utter privacy – and all this luxury.  I want uninhibited cooperation from you.  I want to stay in bed until we can’t take anymore.”

   Spock had heard such a boast before.  “Was that not your usual shore leave scenario?” He sighed heavily.  “If I refuse, I suspect you will be spitefully unpleasant for the remainder of our leave.

   Kirk didn’t take offense.  “You’re absolutely right…”


PLUS Caroline K. Carbis, Tere Ann Roderick, Bonita Kale, Dana Austin Marsh, Deeb, Zoost, Dragon, Siobahn, Smith and more.



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WISEGUY: THE WAR INSIDE Sons of Neverland by Della Van Hise
 (M/M, vampire, dark fantasy) 
K/S Novels of Alexis Fegan Black BLAKE'S 7
Avon the Terrible (gen), Raising Hell(gen)
Resistance (slash)
Year of the Ram by Della Van Hise
(M/M, sci-fi, gay romance)
Other K/S Novels & Anthologies
Off Duty, Otherwhere/Otherwhen, Fever,
The 25th Year, Against All Odds
  The Foundling by Wendy Rathbone
(M/M, contemporary gay romance)
Short Stories of Alexis Fegan Black   The Secret Sharer by Wendy Rathbone
(M/M, novelette)
Misc. K/S Novels & Collections
Icefire, The Way Home, The Long & Winding Road, Oath of Bondage, The Sound of Rain, One Night Stand 1-4/5


Pale Zenith by Wendy Rathbone
A mind-bending sci-fi novel
The Prince
A K/S novel by Natasha Solten
  Coyote by Della Van Hise
A sci-fi novel of love, honor & sacrifice
K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten
  Unearthly by Wendy Rathbone
(A collection of award-winning poetry - dark fantasy, vampire, horror)
Daring Attempt
K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten
  Prince of Umberlight - New & Hot!
by Alexis Fegan Black

A hot erotic male/male vampire tale with a wee bit of bdsm and just enough non-con to keep it interesting.

One Flame
Pretty tame - minimal sex scenes, or sex described in less explicit manner.

Two Flames
Getting hotter.  Multiple sex scenes, and sex described in explicit terms.

Three Flames
Time for a cold shower. While all our titles may be described as male/male erotica, our 3-flamers are more explicitly written.  No matter the number of flames, all our titles are tastefully presented erotica, crafted by established professional writers.

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