by Wendy Rathbone

A hot male/male adventure
in the cold of space


Set in space, this male/male romance brings a bit of warmth to the lonely hearts of two star-farers who happen to find each other. Cary is the captain of a Company starship. While alone on nightwatch on his bridge, he receives a distress signal from a shuttle. He brings it aboard on his own authority, telling no one, only to discover a fugitive who appeals to his sense of justice and empathy. He secretly agrees to harbor the stranger at great risk to his career and perhaps his very life. Capt. Cary hides him in his quarters where they come to know each other's life story and form a very close bond.

For those who enjoyed Ms. Rathbone's novel, THE FOUNDLING, you're sure to love this novelette as well!


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“We do look very much alike,” I commented. “I have felt your pain as though it were mine. I’m sure stranger things have happened in this vast universe. We share a connection. I don’t explain it or pretend to understand it, but it is there.”

He nodded. “Like brothers, only closer.”

“Like identical twins.”

“But I was born on Nirvana,” he said.

“And I Earth.”

“And I’m twenty-five.”

“And I’m twenty-six.”

“So it’s impossible that we are really twins.”

“Impossible,” I agreed.

“And your face is fuller.”

“You’re thinner,” I observed. “And we have different chins. Our eyes are the same color but mine are set closer together.”

“Yeah. And I have that ugly scar on my back.”

“I noticed. How’d you come by that?” I asked, not feeling at all intrusive. It was simply the most natural question one in my position could ask.

“When I was a kid I fell out of a tree. The branches cut me on the way down. The cut on my back nearly killed me. Almost took out a kidney.”

I shivered. “I fell out of a tree once when I was a kid. Knocked the wind out of me. Bruised me. But that was all.”

“You were lucky.”

“And now it looks again as if I am the luckier of the two of us.”

“Not if we’re caught,” he admonished again.

“Shh. I don’t want to hear that kind of talk anymore. We won’t. I’ll make sure.” I projected strength, but I was unsure of my position. We were living dangerously. It was as much a thrill as it was stress-inducing. If the two of us survived this without dual heart-attacks, I’d be amazed.

We talked long into the night. Our voices were mere whispers amidst the greater hissing of air ducts and vents and tanks in the walls.

We touched each other often, sometimes to emphasize a point of view, sometimes just for reassurance. The touches were like lightning fizzing the air between us.

When I moved to retire to my couch for my much needed sleep, he stopped me with a hand to my wrist. “Stay. The bed’s big enough. Please.”

My throat went instantly dry. In the bottom of my stomach a twinge of arousal flared. I was attracted to him in a strangely Narcissistic way. Had been since the first night. And I know he noticed. That he might have had reciprocal feelings didn’t occur to me, but why not? We’d been alike in our reactions to everything else. We were so perfectly a matched pair.”

“If someone walks in—“

“—they won’t see the bed,” he finished.

I looked down, then up. His hand on my wrist moved to grasp my now damp fingers. “Please,” he whispered.

I could only nod.

I waved the light low but not off. I wanted to be able to see the room in case someone should walk in demanding my presence.

Nova touched my arm again and that electrical surge, like a summer thunderstorm in oppressive heat, zinged through me again. He, too, felt it. I could tell by the scant tightening of the muscles surrounding his eyes.

I gripped his arm in return. It was warm and taut against my fingers.

As if by some unique and shared but silent acquiescence, we moved together, embracing, chests meeting, knees banging, cheeks brushing.

My skin heated. He was the one who initiated more intimate contact, touching my chin to his and bringing our lips into a rather fevered contact that led to more frenzied wrestling. It was as if we’d longed for this all our lives but time and space had kept us separated, star-crossed lovers destined to be apart. Fate allowed us this chance meeting out of kindness or cruelty, and we would discover which only after this episode in our lives had played itself out...


$1.99 Delivered Electronically, via email

Also available on Amazon for Kindle or Cloud Reader


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